Manchester is abuzz with flourishing young professionals, and every youthful entrepreneur knows one thing: making fresh connections in their field is absolutely paramount for the success of your business or career. There’s only one, effective way to do this! Make sure you’re attending networking events. 

Networking events come in a variety of different guises. Unlike years past, networking doesn’t have to happen just at conferences. Virtual networking events are gaining in popularity, and we at MYP are adapting to all types of interesting social events! 

Here, we believe in uniting young professionals through quality networking events in Manchester. Whether you meet in person or over a computer screen, we have earned years of experience in cultivating quality events for the benefit of progressive, young professionals. 

Make good contacts, take new working opportunities and build relationships with a community that matters to you. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should attend more networking events! 

Explore future job opportunities

Business networking events are a brilliant avenue for you to explore future job opportunities, as you forge new, ideal connections with a business community of thousands! 

You might feel trapped in your current job, or you’re looking to expand your horizons. At an event, there are often guests who represent their company as a recruiter, and are looking for young professionals with vision. If you spark up a conversation with a recruiter, you may find yourself working at your dream company in the near future. 

Exchange ideas with like-minded people

If you’re as entrepreneurial as we are, you’ll always have a fresh business idea in your head! At networking events, whether they are virtual or in-person sessions, you have the exciting opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Particularly if your profession or career is unique, exchanging genius ideas with other professionals can grant you the inspiration you need to take your work to the next level. 

Experience new things

Networking sessions range from everything to a super-professional conference setting, or a laid-back informal networking event to a work-out session. Whether you decide to meet young professionals at a kickboxing class MYP arrange, or a conference hosted by a guest speaker you admire, the greatest part about networking events is experiencing new things! Discover a whole new professional world at your fingertips. 

Establish a local customer base

Networking events connect you to other professionals who may be looking for a business to invest in. At one of our advanced sessions in Manchester, you’ll find it much easier to establish business contacts with locals. By creating this human connection with a potential local customer base, you’re essentially growing your brand exposure. 

Make yourself visible

Your career will never gain traction unless you advertise yourself. Networking events in Manchester allow you to make yourself visible to the wider professional world, and showing up is the first step young professionals must take to launch themselves in the world of work. Don’t allow yourself to become “out of sight, out of mind.”

Build a social media presence

We live in a digital age, where social media is king. Businesses have gained thousands of loyal customers through platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. As a result, not only do fellow customers explore your social media profiles, but keen professionals do too! Build your social media presence by attending and tagging these networking events, where you could potentially attract a team of professionals to elevate your business and career. 

Take a hint from other professionals

At a networking event, other professionals set an example for you. Don’t hesitate to take a hint from other professionals! If they have valuable contacts you could make use of, note them down.

Importantly, if the professionals you see run their company in an efficient and personable way, consider the methods you could implement in your own business community. Do they use a Microsoft team chat to great effect, or have regular meetups and team-building activities? Implementing even a minor change in your own professional career could bode wonders. 

Master your ethos

Networking events are great for inspiring you, but they should also provoke reflection in your own workspace. 

Even if you’re a sole professional, you should master your ethos at these networking events: what are other businesses representing, and what do you want to represent yourself? It’s important to build an emotional connection – not just a business one – with young professionals of your age. 

Devising the right ethos as a professional can endear you to potential connections, and you might find that you ethically connect well with another company you admire!  

Reassess your current ability

Even as a young professional, you might believe that you’ve mastered your craft. Unfortunately, networking events can make you realise one thing – there’s always a higher level that you can achieve! If you’re content with your current qualifications, but notice other like-minded professionals taking their education a step further, reassess your current ability. Stay ahead of the curve at networking events in Manchester, where you can build a strong network to keep yourself improving. 

Build your self-confidence

Best of all, networking events and conferences can build your self-confidence. Forging good relationships with a business community of thousands gives you more faith in your professional career! Clearly, you have something that all of these dream companies want. Furthermore, interacting with people who take an interest in your personal career boosts your self-esteem! 

After all, confidence and networking are two invaluable components for growing and succeeding in your career.

Looking for networking events in Manchester? MYP has got you covered

There’s nowhere better for networking events in Manchester than here with MYP. We know how to cater to young professionals, and we know the best ways to help get your career off the ground. With us, you can be rest assured that you can get your budding career off the ground – or even find new career opportunities for the future. 

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You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make lifelong business connections. We have a range of upcoming, exciting events for young professionals to choose from – thanks to our great network of keen partners – perfectly tailored to suit you!