Applications for our fifth intake of MYP Mentoring are now open.

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After marking the 3 year anniversary of MYP Mentoring earlier this month, we’re excited to be opening applications for our fifth cohort.

MYP Mentoring is a free and accessible cross industry initiative, pairing like minded individuals at different stages of their careers.

With a growing, dynamic and diverse young professionals community, and taking on board positive and constructive feedback from our first two cohorts of Mentors and Mentees, we’re looking for individuals from the MYP Community to develop one another and build up your network in the process.

To apply, all you need to do is complete the simple application form at the bottom of this page by Thursday 29th February.

You can apply to be a Mentor, Mentee or both depending on what stage of your career that you’re in. Whether you’re a Trainee or an Undergraduate, Associate or Director, there will be opportunities to develop and also to learn from others in the MYP community.

To ensure we are doing everything to provide the best possible matches, we’ll once again be using a free online Personality Questionnaire (this only takes 15 minutes to complete) alongside individual objectives and personal circumstances.

We’re also hosting a Mentoring launch event on 13th February at Albert’s Schloss. We are delighted to be joined by a panel who will be talking all things Mentoring and the next steps on how to get involved!

How does it work?

Each mentee will be assigned a mentor who they have something in common with, be it sector, degree background, university or outside of work interests.

They will be able to offer specific advice, led by the objectives of the mentee, through regular email contact, monthly video/phone calls and face to face catch ups. Potential areas to cover include:

– Career progression advice.
– Networking advice and building connections within and outside one’s industry.
– Application/interview advice.
– Sales advice.
– Support with building development plans.

Whilst we will try our best to pair up everyone who applies, places might be limited in this intake depending on the number of Mentor and Mentee applications. If you do miss out this time, the next application window will open again in February 2025.

Why apply to become an MYP Mentor?

– A chance to support and impact the future development of Manchester’s young professionals community.
– Progress your diversity and inclusion aspirations.
– Connect with a select group of influential mentors in the Manchester region, opening up key introductions through a dedicated private LinkedIn Mentor group.

Why apply to be a mentee?

– Be connected with a likeminded progressive individual, who can help you with first hand advice from their career.
– Coaching you to navigate short term and long term objectives in current and prospective future roles.
– Grow your network and build key long term connections through a dedicated private LinkedIn Mentee group.

In addition to this, we’ll be hosting Educational events throughout 2024 in partnership with Alliance Manchester Business School, as well as a closing event for the initiative during November.

Matching process

Once you apply through the website, time will be spent pairing and allocating a Mentor or Mentee that is aligned with your circumstances, ensuring that you both meet your overall objectives. 

A combination of industry, education background, university, outside of work interests and your respective objectives will all be taken into account, as well as the outcome of the Personality Questionnaire.

Mentoring cycle

– Application window open 1st February – 29th February. Please ensure you complete the Personality Questionnaire as part of this.
– Mentor/Mentee pairings announced via email by 18th March, with a dedicated MYP Ambassador throughout the initiative.
– 10 month Mentoring cycle until December 2024.
– Mentor & Mentee videos to be shared to introduce the initiative, with guidance and tips to be provided.
– Expectation of monthly/bi-monthly 30-60 minute calls.
– Combination of face to face meetings and virtual meetings.

Goals will be set out at outset, together with smaller sub goals each month to enable the overall target goal to be reached.

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Further information

The application window to become a Mentor is open between 1st February – 29th February.


Further information

The application window to become a Mentee is open between 1st February – 29th February.