Less than 25% of people are back working from the office 5 days per week… Survey results from our LinkedIn poll have revealed that 58% people are currently hybrid working (split between home and office). With only 24% people working from the office. On top of this 17% of people are working from home without … Continued

Working towards a greener and cleaner future in Manchester and beyond is a hot topic at the moment. You may remember that we’ve touched on Manchester going green in one of our blogs about Destination: Bee Network, which focuses on eco-friendly transport. Well, on the subject of transport, the authorities in Greater Manchester have now announced that a … Continued

As avid supporters of Manchester and the incredible organisations, bars, and restaurants that this city has to offer, we continue to shout and rave about the phenomenal businesses that base themselves here. Here at MYP, we are passionate about creating a culture of like-minded, professional young individuals who share the same objectives: to network, connect … Continued

BLOK are not amateurs in their field. When it comes to bespoke work-outs, progress-focused exercise and photo-worthy Grade II listed studios, no one is doing it like BLOK in Manchester. However, this is far from meaning BLOK isn’t for amateurs. In their own words, moving your body for yourself is all about ‘progression, not perfection’. … Continued

Hope Mill Theatre & Get Living invite you into the warmth of Mancunian homes with an immersive play in the New Maker Yards neighbourhood. Mates is brought to MYP by Get Living, the award-winning neighbourhood operator launching another 500+ homes for rent this autumn between Salford and Manchester city centres; and Hope Mill Theatre, an … Continued

By this time in 2030, Manchester won’t be red or blue. Manchester’s going green. Carbon-neutral has been the buzz-word of the past few years and our planet is on its last straw (we use metal ones, personally). In an effort to leave less of a footprint, Transport for Greater Manchester will be delivering their vision … Continued

At Manchester Young Professionals, we strive to accelerate and inspire the careers of young people through hosting regular, exciting and unique networking events. We are extremely passionate about engaging with the community and informing young people of the extraordinary businesses that scatter the vibrant city of Manchester and surrounding areas. By enabling our community to … Continued

This is Reverse Mentoring: it’s very happy to meet you. As our Mentoring II is underway, we’ve been putting our heads together to create even more vital learning opportunities and experiences for our community. How can we help you further develop your skills, introduce you to relevant people, and get the advice you need to … Continued

The glorious weather has vanished, the sky has darkened with a blanket of dreary clouds and we’re actually flicking the heating on for the first time this year. But we refuse to let that dampen our mood – don’t we Manchester? The fun is not over yet! This buzzing, vibrant city couldn’t be miserable no … Continued

September 15, 2021

Get To Know: Sedulo

  If you’re familiar with MYP, you’ll know about our passion for Manchester and the outstanding businesses that this city is blessed with. We work hard to provide young local professionals with industry information and the best networking opportunities in Manchester. We are committed to celebrating everything that our city has to offer. From unique … Continued

Pride weekend in Manchester is here, and at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re delighted to see the city finally be able to celebrate its rich LGBTQIA+ culture after a year of lockdowns and uncertainty. While often associated with a fantastic fun time, Pride carries with it a serious message, and it’s that message that we’ll be exploring in today’s … Continued

The second instalment of our beloved mentoring scheme is underway! This past week was kickstarted by our launch event which introduced all the possibilities and success stories we’ve seen so far. So popular due to the navigation from another professional who’s ‘been there’ and ‘done that’, this week has paired another 80+ mentors and mentees … Continued

OK – it’s time to talk about socialising and meeting new people now that restrictions have been lifted. Despite so many of us becoming wholly unsociable, binge-eating, TV-addicted, pyjama-wearing recluses – it’s about time that we made some effort to return to normality. The imposement of lockdowns truly unwrapped the wondrous capabilities of the internet. The UK … Continued

After being postponed in 2020 because of, yep, you guessed it, Coronavirus, Manchester Pride is returning with a bang in 2021. After all, there’s a whole year‘s worth of celebrations to catch up on, meaning that this year’s party is going to be twice as loud, proud, and fantastic. Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re delighted that this … Continued

Welcome back to our Get To Know series! In part 3, we’re going to be getting to know FORM MCR and learning more about their new yoga studio RESET. In the past, our Get To Know series has covered lots of different Manchester-based businesses. From digital marketing agencies such as Embryo to co-living property developers such as NW Living. We’ve … Continued

Restrictions here in Manchester have now been all but lifted, finally! And, here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re excited to be able to return to the city and explore everything that makes it the best place in the country (ok, we might be a little biased!). Bars and restaurants are reopening properly, museums and galleries are welcoming … Continued

Time to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Since launching our virtual Run Club on Strava back in January, we have 350 runners consistently clocking up the miles! Despite gyms opening and the Manchester heatwave this last couple of weeks, everyone is still committing to the challenge. This month we launched our third challenge, and … Continued

Charity means a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, it means supporting the young people and the future of our community. The Prince’s Trust is making a difference for the young professionals of Greater Manchester and Laura Whitehurst, Head of Operations, discusses exactly what it means to her in this video. … Continued

Whilst our MYP Mentoring initiative has been opening doors, it’s time for us to re-open the application window. This is the time to ask questions and seek advice outside your work circle; this is the insiders’ circle. The incredible feedback and news of progression and movement in your careers call for a celebration of both … Continued

It’s no secret that, here at Manchester Young Professionals, we love Manchester ( the clue is in the name!). We love all the amazing pubs, bars, restaurants, businesses, start-ups, and young professionals that make up this amazing city. We love it so much that, a few months ago, we started a series of ‘Get To Know’ blogs. Each Get To … Continued

Hello there, and welcome to our latest blog! If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re new to the community and you may not know who we are. We thought that, with the country slowly easing out of lockdown and normality appearing slowly on the horizon, we’d reintroduce ourselves. Whether you were familiar with … Continued

At MYP, we’re proud to work with local charities and organisations to help improve the city of Manchester. For the last two years, we have been working with the fantastic people at Manchester Mind. In that time we helped raise more than £4,000 and are now delighted to say that we have a brand-new charity partner – The Prince’s Trust! … Continued

Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re all about giving young people in Manchester the opportunity to further their education, professional development, and grow their skill set. We never tire of hearing how our community has worked together to help people get on in their working lives. Therefore, we’re delighted to announce that, for a 3rd … Continued

The last 12 months have obviously been challenging for businesses, with normal life coming to an immediate standstill, companies across virtually all sectors have felt the effects of this pandemic. And, while it may seem all doom and gloom, there have in fact been a few stories of Manchester-based businesses opening up and, to an extent, thriving, … Continued

Manchester is full of amazing people, businesses, and things to see and do. Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re not exactly backwards in coming forwards when it comes to expressing our love of all things 0161 which is why we thought we’d start a series of blogs that look at some of the most interesting, … Continued

International Women’s Day 2021 is just around the corner and, here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re going to be hosting and running a series of virtual events and talks that focus exclusively on women and the continuing fight for gender equality in Manchester, the UK, and around the world. As we’ll detail in today’s blog, for the … Continued

Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we weren’t massive fans of Wednesday’s – you’re as close to Monday as you are to Friday, the weekend just gone is a distant memory, and the one coming up is too far on the horizon to get excited about. Wednesday’s are made even worse during these unprecedented times that we’re … Continued

Attaining transferable skills is the key to success in a fast-paced, sometimes cut-throat, job market. Here at MYP, we know this which is why we’ve recently launched our fantastic mentoring program which aims to help people focus on improving important skills and ensuring they feel confident in the job market. In today’s blog, we’ll be chatting about, and to, Pearson, … Continued

The events of 2020 really underlined the need for people to look after their physical and mental health, to say the least. From lockdowns to lack of contact with loved ones to endless days spent indoors, health and wellbeing services across Manchester have become a vital opportunity for students and adults to forget about COVID-19 for a … Continued

Over recent years Manchester has seen its Property sector go from strength to strength, with the changing skyline a daily reminder of the ongoing, rapid growth of our amazing city. And it shows no sign of slowing down, with new developments only getting bigger and better. In our latest article, we’re going to take a … Continued

The term ‘northern grit’ gets banded around a lot but it’s a term that aptly describes the way Manchester’s food, drinks, and entertainment industry has coped in 2020. Since March, there have been restrictions put in place for virtually every bar, restaurant and event space, and, while things were relaxed during the tail end of … Continued

Mentoring can be an incredibly powerful tool to help advance your career. Whether you’re the mentor or the mentee you can expect to learn, enjoy career growth and gain perspective about life in general. Mentoring might seem a little bit old fashioned but in these uncertain times and with career paths becoming more varied, having a … Continued

There’s no point repeating it but for the sake of introducing today’s blog, we will. Manchester, and now the whole of the UK, are hunkering down and waiting out a second lockdown. While it’s obviously rubbish that we can’t see our friends, family or network with like-minded young professionals that does not mean we can’t treat … Continued

As well as bringing together like-minded young professionals from across Manchester City Centre, here at Manchester Young Professionals we also happen to love spreading positivity and having a bit of fun along the way. And, given that we’re nearing the end of what has been a pretty tumultuous year, to say the least, we thought we’d put … Continued

As well as connecting like-minded Manchester-based young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, at Manchester Young Professionals we’re also passionate about making sure that they have a good grasp of their financial situation so that they’re able to plan for the future, save money for a rainy day and enjoy a good quality of life … Continued

For young professionals in Manchester, financial planning may not always be the first thing on their mind, especially during Coronavirus. We understand this here at Manchester Young Professionals so in today’s blog, we thought we’d offer some financial planning support and tips to better manage your money. We’ll look at some immediate, actionable advice that you can … Continued

#EatOutToHelpOut (EOTHO) may have ended but that doesn’t mean the hospitality industry in Manchester isn’t in need of continued support from the great and the good of this fine city. Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re passionate about supporting the entire hospitality industry even when there aren’t any discounts available! So, in today’s blog, we thought we’d highlight a few … Continued

(Photo: Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage) The #WeMakeEvents protests that occurred across Manchester in August shone a light on just how important the events industry is for the economy here in the city. It not only supports jobs but it also contributes to Manchester’s thriving, and famous, culture of creativity and inclusion. During these difficult times, the events … Continued

It’s impossible to ignore the Coronavirus and the effect it has had on the country. From the little things like not being able to visit the shops or head to your local to more devastating consequences like the immense loss of life and the separation of families for an extended period. It can be easy … Continued

We know a lot of businesses across Manchester have had to adapt to this strange and uncertain time we’re currently living in. No matter what sector they find themselves in the Coronavirus pandemic has radically altered our way of life, from shops and retail stores like the Arndale to bars, restaurants and marketing agencies. As a writer in the … Continued

Since 2019 the team here at Manchester Young Professionals has been raising money to help people with mental health issues across the Greater Manchester region. We’re delighted to say that we have raised £4000 for the fantastic charity Manchester Mind! We did this by donating £1 for every ticket sold to one of our networking events and it’s great to … Continued

It’s fair to say that not being able to meet up with people in large groups has kind of put a dampener on the whole networking thing. Those huge events, where hundreds of like-minded people turn up to swap contact details, touch base and swap ideas and thoughts about their specific industry have been reduced … Continued

Manchester is back…! Well, not exactly as we know it, but this Saturday marks the return of Restaurants and Bars as they reopen for the first time since March as we entered lockdown. Many of Manchester’s restaurants and bars will open, having worked hard to get themselves into a position to welcome customers back aligning … Continued

As we begin to see parts of our lives returning to a greater degree of normality, we along with everyone else are intrigued to see the implications of Covid-19 on everyone’s working lives. In this article, we’re taking a look at the impact on office space and whether there really will be a radical change … Continued

What a difference a few months makes! At the time of writing, the UK is entering its 12th week of lockdown. Life as we know it has been upended and streets, bars and restaurants have been deserted. We spend our days sheltered in our homes watching and hoping that our sacrifice (if you can call … Continued

The Manchester community has been hit hard by COVID-19. As well as social isolation and separation from our loved ones, businesses have had to adapt their practices to try and continue to sell their products and services. In today’s blog, we wanted to highlight one of these businesses. We recently spoke to our friends at Barry’s about … Continued

“We know now, more than ever, people are struggling with their mental health. We know that some people may be experiencing poor mental health for the first time, or existing conditions may be exacerbated. We are here and ready to help anyone in Manchester who needs our support.” – Elizabeth Simpson, CEO Manchester Mind   … Continued

  At MYP, we want to help support our community in whatever way we can throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, below are is some useful information from the NSPCC about talking to children about the outbreak. We hope you’re all staying safe and well at home, Manchester ?     Thanks for reading!  

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. I live in Manchester, have two businesses here (A legal recruitment business & an online job-site.) Love a good podcast! Love audiobooks and I appreciate a good emoji and meme ? How did you get involved with Manchester Young Professionals? Well my business … Continued

Weʼre raising money to feed NHS workers in Greater Manchester and the North with hot meals and essential groceries from local restaurants, shops and coffee shops. Here’s how you can donate: bit.ly/NHS-Fundraiser A simple hot meal or some milk, fruit, vegetables and bread to take home can really make a difference to an NHS workers’ … Continued

  Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – All UK employers with a PAYE scheme that started on or before 28th February, will be able to access support to continue paying part of their employees’ salary for those that would otherwise have been laid off during this crisis. HMRC will pay employers a grant worth 80% of … Continued

So – you’ve suddenly been told to work from home, and quite frankly your kitchen table or lounge aren’t really up to it! Your office has got ergonomically designed desks and chairs, break out areas, stand up desks and all of the IT in all the right places. And home, well, home is home – … Continued

We recently had the great pleasure of handing over £2,586 to Joanna from our local charity partner Manchester Mind. £1 from every ticket bought for an MYP event goes directly to Manchester Mind. On behalf of Joanna at Manchester Mind, we want to say THANK YOU  to our members for the outstanding support of the … Continued

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. Manchester Mind is a local mental health charity which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. As with all local Mind associations, we’re a proud member of the national Mind network, but an independent charity (1102058) raising all our own funds. We provide a … Continued

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. Axon Moore Group is a specialist Executive, Permanent and Interim financial recruitment group that operates across the North West. We have a dedicated team that specialises in supporting Newly Qualified ACA, CIMA and ACCA Accountants looking for new opportunities, ranging from private equity-backed … Continued

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. I’m responsible for the recruitment and marketing of the Manchester MBA programmes at Alliance Manchester Business School. I’ve worked in business education for almost 15 years now. My role has taken me across the world and I have done business in North America, … Continued

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. As a specialist boutique legal recruitment agency with over 25 years in the business Chadwick Nott help legal professionals across the UK and internationally with their career choices. How did you get involved with Manchester Young Professionals? Early in 2019, we sponsored one … Continued

We enjoyed speaking with Alliance Manchester Business School earlier this year and we’re excited to announce an exclusive Full-time MBA Scholarship for an individual in our community. Check out the article to see how you can get involved! Get in touch for more information or if you have any questions! Scholarship application deadline is 1st … Continued

  Last week, in partnership with Aurelius and Qonnectd, MYP hosted Manchester’s biggest Inter-Professional Social, once again held at the ever-popular Revolución de Cuba! As with previous years events, the night was hosted with a number of Manchester’s networking groups covering the Legal, Accountancy, Finance, Property and Planning sectors to name just a few. Over 700 young professionals joined us … Continued

Celebrating MCR gives us an opportunity to shout out the businesses, teams and professionals that have done some brilliant work in their industry and community. DEVELOPING DIGITAL: These young entrepreneurs may not immediately be familiar to you, but Paul and Alex continue to build their successful MCR based digital agency, connecting with other successful MCR-based … Continued

  At MYP, we take every opportunity to really shout about the best things Manchester has to offer, and the incredible successes of our city’s young professionals. Will, a Senior Corporate Finance Executive is part of the team at Sedulo alongside colleagues Benn Longshaw and Stuart Dutton who have just secured £7.5m investment into pioneering … Continued

At MYP, we’re passionate about Manchester, so every week we highlight some of the best work from young professionals in the city & their achievements! FAST TRACK 100: Originally from Blackburn, in 2015 the Jones brothers Adam and Drew gave up careers in law and events management to set up one of the most successful … Continued

Celebrating MCR is our way of shouting out the young people in Manchester who are making great things happen. We want to celebrate the people in our city and their achievements! Friends of MYP, M3 PERFORM this week were awarded Group Training Specialists of the Year from the Manchester Prestige Awards. Ben and Lloyd started … Continued

Celebrating MCR is or campaign at MYP to make sure that the young Mancunians really making a difference to their business and community are getting the recognition they deserve! Our Celebrating MCR this week goes to Michael, an Associate for JMW. This week he won the Barry’s Bootcamp UK Lucky 7 Challenge! Michael says the … Continued

Sarah is a Senior Associate in the Mills & Reeve sports law team, regularly advising clubs, players, managers and agents on image rights deals and sponsorship agreements.   Sarah has been a part of the MYP community for over 3 years and is also a member of Women in Sports Law. The winners of the … Continued

At Manchester Young Professionals, we’re passionate about showing off everything our city has to offer, including the triumphs of our community. Danielle Baker, one of MYP’s biggest supporters over the years recently picked up an award at the Manchester Young Talent Awards! Danielle picked up the award for ‘Most Promising Young Person In Manchester!’ The … Continued

At MYP, we love Manchester and the people in it, so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some real stand-outs from the city recently! We wanted to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Mind, Manchester, who recently celebrated 30 years of delivering mental health support across our wonderful city! Joanna from Mind, … Continued

Celebrating MCR is our way of saying ‘good job’ & ‘smashed it’ to young professionals across the city of Manchester. It’s the people of Manchester that make it such an amazing place, so it’s time to shout about them! Sale Sharks Flanker Tom Curry has come of age over the past couple of months, playing … Continued

Celebrating MCR is our campaign to shoutout the young Mancunians who really deserve it, whether it’s business success, headlining charity work or anything else worth shouting about.     Award-winning Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2019, Steve, is co-founder and CRO of Social Chain, with a collective reach of over 200 million millennials across their platforms. … Continued

Our shoutout to young pros, teams and businesses in the city who have made headlines, done something great or just deserve a massive shout out! Because it’s the people that make this city so great! Whilst working at Unilad in HR, Jes began working on her apartment, giving it a very special and creative personal … Continued