The people of Manchester are as diverse as the city itself, and at MYP we’re all about celebrating that.

If you didn’t already know, our ‘Get to Know’ blog series is all about finding, promoting and celebrating the very best of Manchester’s diverse venues, events, businesses and individuals.

Today, we’ll get to know TRIB3. If you want to know more about Manchester’s fitness scene and innovative gyms and classes, this one’s for you.

At TRIB3, they believe that working out is more than just a way to stay healthy. It’s about making friends, getting inspired and having fun.

They offer a range of unique workout experiences, with classes for every level of fitness – from beginner to advanced – and a team of personal trainers who are committed to helping you reach your goals. And when you join TRIB3 at one of their many studios, you’ll find yourself part of a close-knit global community that’s always ready to support each other in reaching their fitness goals.


Where results meet unforgettable experiences, TRIB3 offers the ultimate group workout across a network of boutique fitness studios, in the UK and throughout the world. Each 45-minute class is led by one of TRIB3’s highly experienced coaches who works to keep you motivated and get you results.  TRIB3 is one big global community where you’ll work hard, but play hard. There’s an onsite Mixology bar for a post-workout refuel, a super friendly onsite experience team at every studio and events throughout the year to bring the community together (Bubbles and Burpees anyone?). Who says fitness can’t be fun? 


At TRIB3, you’ll work across three zones – Treadmills, Resistance (floor work and weights) and Intensity (AirBikes), for 45-minutes of high intensity training. You’ll burn calories but also tone, strengthen and maximise your endurance. All classes are led by  TRIB3’s amazing coaching team and you can track your workouts live through the session. With programming designed to maximise the after-burn effect so that post-workout you’re still feeling the benefit, expect fast results. Plus, there’s different levels of intensity in every zone – that’s why TRIB3 is often described as one of the most intensive but inclusive workouts in the world!  


In eleven countries globally, TRIB3 currently has 2 studios right here in central Manchester – TRIB3 Manchester Circle, which is just off Oxford Road, and TRIB3 Deansgate, situated within the YOTEL with a standalone entrance on John Dalton Street. Across the UK, you’ll also find them in Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh, Southampton and Nottingham with London locations landing soon  


Exercise is so important but sometimes finding the motivation to train alone is hard – or you just aren’t getting the results you want. Group workouts make exercising fun, and you’ll work harder! TRIB3’s focus is on working out together, as a team, encouraging and supporting each other to achieve your very best. You’re guaranteed to leave every workout feeling the burn but feeling amazing! 

How important is community to you? 

Community is everything at TRIB3. In the workout, achieve your SWEAT Medal (by spending 15 minutes in the SWEAT Zone,which is 80-92% of your max heart rate!), and the whole class celebrates with you. After every first workout, a Polaroid picture will be taken to celebrate your first workout with the TRIB3 family – it’s called ‘hitting the wall’ and you’ll be joining thousands of people across the world in being part of the crew! TRIB3 hosts loads of events and parties throughout the month, which are created with the goal of bringing the community together. Networking and bringing people together in ways that are good for mind, body and soul is something TRIB3 is super passionate about.  


MYP x TRIB3: bringing you regular health and wellness networking events

Looking for a way to make new friends and get some exercise? MYP’s’ networking events are a great opportunity to do both!

If you’ve been to one of our events before, you’ll know that we love to host fitness-related networking in the city of Manchester. We know that many people like to network while getting their workout in, and we want to offer them a platform where they can meet other young professionals who share their interests.

Manchester Young Professionals’ fitness and wellbeing events sponsored by TRIB3 offer a unique experience for all. Get fit, connect with like-minded individuals and improve your physical and mental well being by attending our future events!