22nd July 2024 - 6:00 pm

Creative-Link Book Club @ Colony Book Club – 22.07.24

Colony One Silk St
24th July 2024 - 9:00 am

MYP Co-working Day @ Colony, One Silk Street – 24.07.24

Colony One Silk St
14th August 2024 - 6:00 pm

MYP Supper Club @ The Alchemist – 14.08.24

The Alchemist New York Street
11th September 2024 - 6:00 pm

MYP Supper Club @ Super Serve – 11.09.2024

Aviva Studios, home of Factory International

Networking Events in Manchester

We are Manchester Young Professionals (MYP), a network aimed at helping young professionals based in and near Manchester to find each other and benefit from each other’s expertise.

Back in our own days as young, inexperienced professionals, we would often go to networking events but couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something… missing. That’s what inspired us to set up MYP in 2013 so that we could host Manchester networking events in a truly fun way!

We understand the ins and outs of hosting successful networking events and partner with businesses to identify opportunities in different areas.

What can you expect from our unique networking events in Manchester?

If you are a professional in your 20s or 30s, you are probably already well aware of the importance of networking for furthering your career. After all, to paraphrase a well-known saying, you can see further than others by standing on the shoulders of giants.

However, you might also be put off going along to corporate networking events due to the image of them being overly stuffy, formal affairs where you would be studiously looking out for chances to hand out business cards. This is why our networking events take a different approach…

With our networking events in Manchester, we put an especially strong emphasis on the social aspect. No matter what industry, company and background you are coming from, you can expect an event that is quite simply enjoyable in its own right.

With the inclusive and friendly vibe that we strike at each of our Manchester-based networking events, the atmosphere is lighthearted right from the off. 

We have also partnered with various Manchester businesses that help us by sponsoring the events, which are held at diverse venues throughout the North West city.

Networking events organised to help you make meaningful connections

We don’t believe in the traditional model of networking.

We believe that, for you, a better strategy for fostering long-term success with corporate networking would be focusing first and foremost on simply having an enjoyable time with other people from sectors similar or complementary to your own. That’s because, as a result, professional connections can form in a more natural and spontaneous fashion. 

The fun activities that have taken place at our in-person networking events in the past include workouts, yoga, mindfulness sessions and seasonal socials, while educational talks have also been held to help attendees unlock new business opportunities.

See what’s in store for you. Take a peek at some of our most popular networking events

As different professionals want to get different things from corporate networking events, there is no one-size-fits-all template for these. This is why we use various settings, locations and activities for the in-person events we hold.

If you want a taste of our past networking events, check out our MYP on Instagram. Our upcoming events are set to continue in this spirit.

You might be at the helm of a fitness brand — in which case, our Run Club and Health and Well-being events could pique your curiosity.

Alternatively, your business might cater — and potentially in more than one sense of that word — specifically to foodies. In this instance, our Breakfast Club events held at Manchester’s best independent bistros and restaurants could appeal — especially given the delicious food served on these occasions and the guest speakers routinely booked for them.

While on the subject of food, our Supper Club events are also a highlight, as they provide opportunities for attendees to sample new menus from new businesses.

Through organising Oktoberfest events and live music events, too, we create a casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere that comes as standard with our networking events in Manchester.

Are you ready to be a part of the MYP community?

That’s exactly what we take pride in being: a community. It’s our way of uniting passionate, like-minded people. It’s not just about networking — as you can see from our Instagram page as well as our Facebook presence. You can also find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Keep your eyes peeled on this Events page for details of upcoming exciting events we have arranged with our partners. If you have any as-yet-unanswered questions about what we do, we urge you to reach out to us by filling in our contact form.