We are passionate about shouting out the entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals who are making Manchester such a vibrant, talented, and innovative city. As a result, we’ve been working closely with businesses from different sectors to discover who they are and what they bring to this incredible city. As part of our ‘Get to Know’ series, we take a deep dive into the work that our partners do, spotlighting their business to help make a difference to the community. MYP’s purpose is to provide dynamic young people with the tools they need to network and grow in their chosen industries while also providing them with access to a multifaceted community that supports their career goals.

In our city of opportunity, we thrive on creating networking events in Manchester that give professionals the chance to meet like-minded people and grow and develop in a place that we’re fortunate enough to call home.

MYP is teaming up with Time Finance, a financial institution driven by experts that offer a wide range of financial services and products. Not only will we be shouting about the excellent work they carry out, TIme Finance will also be partnering with us for our upcoming events including the Supper Club occurring on the 24th of February at The Firehouse.



Time Finance provides the funding support businesses need to help bring their ambitions to life – whether that’s through innovation, investment or expansion. The firms’ dedicated, friendly, and dynamic team of 160 employees support over 20,000 UK business owners each year through Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Commercial Loans, Property Finance and Vehicle Finance solutions. Through this experience, they have developed a wealth of knowledge that allows them to help navigate businesses towards their goals.


Innovative funding solutions are vital to the growth of UK businesses. Time Finance offer a number of different funding options to business owners that are uniquely designed to support every kind of growth – whether that’s providing a cash injection, fueling investment or aiding expansion:

  • Asset Finance – a solution which helps make securing new pieces of equipment easy. Not only do Time Finance source the equipment a business wants to invest in, but they also help to spread the cost into manageable monthly payments to make it more affordable.
  • Invoice Finance – helping business owners to unlock working capital otherwise tied up in unpaid invoices.
  • Commercial Loans – providing an immediate cash injection up to £500k to support a wide range of growth plans from investing in new products, vital machinery, or property, to resolving cash flow issues.
  • Property Finance – arranging Second Charge Mortgages, Buy-To-Let Mortgages and Bridging Loans to help property developers and investors secure funds for refurbishment or growing their property portfolio.
  • Vehicle Finance – a solution which helps make securing a new vehicle or fleet of vehicles easy. Not only do Time Finance source the best deals on the market through their panel of lenders, but they also help individuals and businesses to spread the cost into manageable and affordable monthly payments.

Time Finance works with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from the one-man band to the small and fast-growing team, to the well-established business. Every business owner’s story is unique, so Time Finance works on a case-by-case basis to understand the support they need to bring their plans to life. As well as working directly with business owners, they also work alongside financial intermediaries, brokers, accountants and advisors who are looking to source funding solutions for their business owner client base.


Time Finance are located in the heart of Manchester city centre, just a stone’s throw from Spinningfields and a short walk from Deansgate. The Time Finance team can also be found in offices across Bath, Oxford, Cardiff, Birkenhead and Warrington. However, their products can be delivered to businesses all over the UK.


Running a business is challenging. Therefore, having access to funding can mean the difference between standing still or taking their business to the next level. Time Finance is passionate about helping UK business owners to feel confident about their finances and making accessing funding easy. Their mission is to make a real difference for the firms they support by giving them the financial freedom to grasp hold of new opportunities. Through a combination of their tailored services and innovative approach to business finances, Time Finance makes a substantial difference and excels the companies they work with.

How important is community?

Kate, Time Finance’s Marketing Manager gave her insight into what community means to them:

“Business communities keep economies thriving. Offering a network of support to budding entrepreneurs or established businesses is essential – whether that’s through funders like ourselves providing financial support, our financial advisory peers providing guidance, or helping business professionals to grow and develop through initiatives like Manchester Young Professionals. We’re proud to continue expanding our partnerships with those that give back to local communities and support that growth”.

Kate has been a firm supporter of MYP and our ongoing events and initiatives we put in place in order to guide young professionals in advancing their careers. It is because of this fantastic support that MYP and the businesses we collaborate with are able to continue building a strong community.


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You can find out more about the guys at Time Finance by attending our future events sponsored by them. The team is always happy to provide any information you might need, so give them a shout if you’re interested!

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