Welcome back to our Get To Know series! In part 3, we’re going to be getting to know FORM MCR and learning more about their new yoga studio RESET.

In the past, our Get To Know series has covered lots of different Manchester-based businesses. From digital marketing agencies such as Embryo to co-living property developers such as NW Living. We’ve loved having the opportunity to chat with them and learn more about how they are working hard to grow Manchester’s economy, and create an even more vibrant city!

Creating a more connected city is exactly what we try to do here at Manchester Young Professionals. For several years now we have been working hard, as a networking organisation, to bring together people in their 20s and 30s who are looking to meet new people, develop their skills, and discover new career opportunities.

From our very popular breakfast clubs (which took part pre-covid of course) to our outdoor yoga sessions, we have done loads of events! Each event has brought people that bit closer together and we’re proud to have done our bit to make Manchester great!

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Without further ado! Let’s get started and learn a bit more about FORM MCR!

Get To Know: FORM MCR


FORM MCR was created with the goal of offering a personal training studio for realists. Their whole ethos is about making sure their classes and programmes are functional, actually work, and don’t just look good. They are passionate about taking out all the unnecessary faff and nonsense that often comes with exercise culture. Instead, they dedicate themselves to making sure that the exercises and classes they offer are focused on their clients’ individual needs.

This kind of culture manifests itself as tailored nutritional advice for people with all kinds of dietary requirements and preferences It also includes fair and honest guidance that is designed to work, if you ever visit FORM, you best leave your ego at the door. Rather than pandering, the team here will empower you, make you accountable, and will care just as much about your success as you.

All this passion has culminated in them opening their brand new yoga studio which is called RESET and can be found at Bloc on Marble Street.


FORM’s personal training was created to show people, regardless of their fitness journey or anxiety around the gym, that there is a different way to do things, and that it can be good. Their ethos is built on creating life-long sustainable results that really make a difference, not just quick fixes. You won’t find any fads or gimmicks here, just an honest, realistic service that focuses on long-term results that can transform your life.

FORM knows that it operates in a very intimidating industry, one that promotes ‘perfect’ bodies and strict lifestyle changes. To combat this, they are determined to create an atmosphere that makes the gym feel like home (albeit one with more dumbbells and squat racks). There is no unnecessary vanity or egos, the instructors and team there only have your interests at heart. They truly understand people’s anxieties and will work hard to combat them, and prove that the gym can be a welcoming place, not an intimidating one.

They are on a mission to provide a unique experience in Manchester, one that promotes the very best in personal training. All of which helps dramatically, and sustainably, improve the quality and results of coaching. If you feel like your aspirations are too high or unachievable, these guys will prove to you they very much aren’t.

On the opposite side of the scale, RESET is all about slowing down. RESET is a studio where everyone has a place, no matter what their motivation is. The new studio is all about low impact movements that focus on mindset and wellbeing.


If you’re interested in attending RESET, then head over to Marble Street, just off King Street. The studio is in Bruntwood Work’s new Bloc pioneer building. If you fancy getting a sweat on, then FORM is located on the banks of the River Irwell, inside the Riverside Buildings which are located just a few minutes walk from Salford Central station.


RESET opened in May 2021 and currently holds 16 classes a week across morning’s, lunchtimes and evenings so you can get your studio fix around office hours.


FORM and RESET have very different ‘whys?’ but can all be traced back to one thing – making sure you’re the best version of yourself.

FORM provides an unrivalled Manchester personal training experience that will completely transform the way you think about this topic, which can attract a bad reputation. Here at MYP, we can attest that the team really will go above and beyond.

RESET will make movement a more positive part of your life. They can help you whether you’re a proficient yoga lover or someone who doesn’t know their downward dog from their child’s pose. They’ll be there to support you!

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