As part of our mission to discover innovative businesses and people situated in the city of Manchester, we have been producing regular installments of our ‘Get to Know’ blog series. If you aren’t already familiar with MYP and what we aim to do, we exist to help talented young people embark on exciting careers. We are passionate about providing events that give young professionals fun and inspiring spaces to meet new people and find opportunities. 

So, let’s jump right into this blog by introducing you all to an incredible state-of-the-art fitness studio – BLOK. You may remember our recent Health and Wellbeing events that we hosted earlier this year in collaboration with BLOK, which many people enjoyed taking part in. But who exactly are BLOK and how can you benefit from giving them a visit?


BLOK is an award-winning studio with a sustainable approach to training, founded in 2015, by three friends, Ed, Reema and Max. With a mission to take fitness training to a whole new level, BLOK was introduced to pave the way for a fresh take on cross-discipline training. 


The BLOK team prioritises your idiosyncratic growth, personal to only you. They describe it as ‘that feeling of noticing your balance is a little steadier than last week, or your bends are a little bendier than last month.’

This stems from their belief in ‘skills-based progression’ which is incorporated into every class, whether that’s building up choreography in BLOKbeat, or laying down pike pushups as the foundation for a shoulder stand. To help you reach your individual fitness goals, their trainers will always offer modifications, variations, and movements with or without equipment to make sure that you can find your comfortable edge.


BLOK Manchester holds three multidisciplinary studios and state of the art changing facilities. Housed in the Grade II listed Ducie Street Warehouse, a fusion of Victorian architecture and contemporary design, the 5000 sqft space hosts classes in 10 disciplines: Barre, Yoga, Strength, Boxing, High Intensity, Pilates, Restorative, Mobility, Dance and Calisthenics.


As three people with backgrounds in media, construction, and photography, and a passion for fitness they wanted to create studios specializing in Cross Discipline Training, where you could do a range of classes under the same roof, and combine this with beautifully designed spaces that inspired you to move and be part of a community; where fitness didn’t define your life, it was just one natural aspect, alongside art, design and culture. 

They also wanted to create a true alternative to gyms designed for fitness obsessives that guilt-trip you into exercise with unflattering lighting and intense atmospheres. Instead, at BLOK the focus is on living well and feeling balanced and happy, with the energy you need to express yourself and make your mark on the world.

Then came Manchester in 2019. One of the founders, Max grew up near Manchester. As it’s the country’s second-largest creative hub, opening their first site outside of London here was a natural step to take.


blok studio 2

How important is community to you?

“We really want to encourage as many people as possible into fitness, so community is at the heart of everything we do at BLOK and we want everyone to feel comfortable here regardless of body type, gender identification, background, orientation or fitness level.

As a diverse community, we want everyone to support each other and we highlight what our members are up to in BLOKeditions. We even made three of our members the stars of a recent poster campaign in the Northern Quarter, and one of the best bits of feedback we hear is about members making new friends in our classes. Skills-based classes like handstands and calisthenics seem to encourage this more than some of our other disciplines due to the teamwork involved. When you go to a class regularly and progress together you build a natural bond, with people cheering you on to get a chin-up or spotting you in a handstand for example.”

So, there we have it. A lovely introduction the team at BLOK and their values, missions and goals. Be sure to visit the studio to take advantage of all the incredible things they have to offer.

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