BLOK are not amateurs in their field. When it comes to bespoke work-outs, progress-focused exercise and photo-worthy Grade II listed studios, no one is doing it like BLOK in Manchester. However, this is far from meaning BLOK isn’t for amateurs. In their own words, moving your body for yourself is all about ‘progression, not perfection’.

This is where Victorian architecture meets contemporary design, with showers stocked full of Malin+Goetz (the only gym where you leave smelling better than you arrived). Despite all this, their best features, by far, are their instructors. We recently spoke to BLOK about the team behind the training: the people who make you sweat.

BLOK prioritises your idiosyncratic growth, personal to only you: “That feeling of noticing your balance is a little steadier than last week, your bends a little bendier than last month. And one day, in the middle of a handstand, being able to look back and smile at every gradual step you took to get there.”

“So we build ‘skills-based progression’ into every class, whether that’s building up choreography in BLOKbeat, or laying down pike pushups as the foundation for a shoulder stand. We want everyone to enjoy the journey they’re on.”

“To help you reach your individual fitness goals, our trainers will always offer modifications, variations, and movements with or without equipment to make sure that you can find your comfortable edge.”

Meet Lucia Jay and Abi Allen: two of BLOK’s instructors that you may have already met through our MYP x BLOK sessions.

Lucia Jay has been a competitive Boxer and Kickboxer for over 12 years, fighting internationally and coaching others in both sports. Expect a tough, sweaty workout with a heavy focus on technique, strength, power and stamina.

Lucia teaches BLOKfit on a Friday evening at 19:35.

Abi Allen specialises in Strength and Conditioning and cardio. Expect a friendly, upbeat atmosphere and a challenging workout. Abi focuses on correct form and technique, with the goal for you to leave class feeling stronger in body and mind, no matter your current fitness level.

You can find Abi on a Friday morning for 06:30 BLOKstrength, 07:30 Cardio Killer + 08:40 BLOKflex.

Click here to book through BLOK’s website.