The professional development of young people is very much at the heart of what we do here at MYP. We work hard to provide unique opportunities to grow, develop and learn for the pool of talented individuals studying and working in Manchester.

At MYP, we understand the importance of evolving and shaping the minds of young people as they step into their desired careers. For this reason, we create meaningful connections between the passionate people in our community and like-minded professionals from a plethora of backgrounds. By hosting events and programmes that encourage our community to network, discover and progress, we can help to propel careers and inspire young people as they embark on their ventures.

As part of our mission to advance the careers of the individuals that make up the MYP community, we set up the MYP Mentoring initiative – a free-to-join scheme aimed at pairing compatible individuals at different phases of their careers. Since launching at the start of 2021, the mentoring programme has already advanced the careers of many talented individuals by giving mentees access to specialist advice from experienced mentors in their field of work or study. After establishing a scheme that has so far united 280 people (140 incredible pairings!), we have collated some incredible feedback from both mentors and mentees. It goes without saying that the MYP Mentoring scheme continues to be a great success!

Off the back of the wonderful feedback received and the amazing ways in which mentoring has helped so many young people to further their careers, we will be continuing this programme with another cohort of mentors and mentees in 2022. MYP Mentoring II saw us introduce in person events, taking on board constructive feedback from our first intake, as well as more regular and useful updates across the LinkedIn group pages – more of this to come for our next intake!

Keep your eyes peeled on our website and Instagram page for updates and information on how you can apply.

Why should you apply to become an MYP Mentee?

Applying to become a valued member of the mentorship programme comes with countless advantages. As you might expect, receiving masterly advice from a more experienced professional is a priceless commodity to have under your belt. This first-hand guidance offers a multitude of tools, connections and knowledge to help you in navigating your career and taking the right steps in transforming your professional life. Members of the mentoring programme have commented on just how impactful their pairings and meetings have been, exemplifying the effectiveness of a one-on-one relationship with an industry expert. Elliot Jones comments:

I have had an extremely positive experience and benefitted massively throughout. I have achieved my goals within this period as Olivia has helped me to secure a grad role. I would recommend this 100%.

The process of matching mentors with mentees is careful, considerate and completed with the mentee’s best channel of development in mind. Our team takes the time to assess applications before allocating a mentor to a mentee. The ‘matching process’ takes into account your industry background, schooling, university experience, outside interests, as well as your personality assessment. From this, we can create truly harmonious connections. A previous mentee, Kate Fulford, summarised:

I was very happy with how I was paired and the communication with my mentor. I have recommended the programme to others.”

With that, our team and the mentors that come onboard have also been commended on the support continuously given to each mentee. Andreea Virban commented:

“It was a fantastic experience and I would and will recommend it to anyone. The support from MYP was amazing, and I will forever be thankful for the support I received from Tom. I love attending the MYP events; however, I think the mentoring program has helped me so much in my professional development and increased my network.”

Put simply, this programme was established to offer the utmost encouragement and assistance to young people looking to elevate their careers. It feels only right that, from the positive impact that the MYP Mentoring programme has so far had, we continue to offer it to the people of Manchester as we proceed into 2022.

It was a really good scheme. Got loads from it!

mentoring pair

What’s in it for the mentors?

So far, we’ve explored the benefits of actually being mentored and how a personal mentorship is so powerful. However, the mentoring programme also provides professionals with an exciting experience and an opportunity to learn a thing or two themselves. Having the chance to support and mentor passionate individuals in developing their knowledge is not only rewarding, but it also improves leadership skills. Moreover, this opportunity will allow you to discover new ideas and perspectives, furthering your abilities and strengthening your expertise. One of our mentors, Alice Wright, gave an overview of her experience:

I think it’s been absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for all your hard work, it’s clear how much effort goes in behind the scenes. I’ve really enjoyed the mentoring scheme and have learnt so much doing peer mentoring. It’s great to have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals at different stages of their careers and support each other with obstacles and successes along the way.” 

In addition to helping mentees in achieving their professional goals, signing up to our programme can also help you, the mentor, to accomplish some of your personal goals. It allows you to reflect on your own development and find new ways to expand your capabilities. Gaby Gyuorva commented:

“It’s been a great 6 months of self-development whilst helping someone else achieve their objectives. Highly rewarding & highly recommended experience!”

Similarly, Olly Drury has found his role as a mentor to be inspiring and enjoyable:

“The MYP Mentoring programme was a great initiative to be involved in. Being able to share and listen to personal and professional experiences was refreshing and it was even topped off by Tom moving into a new role! Congrats Tom!” 

The element of reward is certainly strong amongst the mentors we have worked with. Joe Ashcroft at Amazon spoke highly of his experience and the relationship that was built through the bi-weekly sessions held with his mentee. We received the following brilliant feedback from Joe:

“The mentor and mentee scheme by MYP is an invaluable experience for both involved. I was fortunate enough to mentor James, an outstanding professional and an excellent person, who I have remained in touch with after the scheme. In our bi-weekly sessions, I was able to help create a clear career roadmap with James, imparting my knowledge and experience to set him clear smart goals for his career. Additionally, as a mentor, it is exceptionally rewarding to see candidates grow and develop in every session. I look forward to being involved in the next intake, great initiative by MYP.”

Looking for mentoring in Manchester? We’ve got you covered

In 2022, we look forward to helping even more talented individuals to achieve their goals. If you think that the MYP Mentoring programme is something for you, keep a lookout for applications opening at the end of January. We’ll be sure to provide you with more exciting details soon!

Alternatively, to speak to us about partnerships or events, give us a call or a message – we’re a friendly bunch!