This is Reverse Mentoring: it’s very happy to meet you.
As our Mentoring II is underway, we’ve been putting our heads together to create even more vital learning opportunities and experiences for our community. How can we help you further develop your skills, introduce you to relevant people, and get the advice you need to grow your career?
We’re so excited to introduce Reverse Mentoring. There’s always skill gaps and opportunities on both sides of a mentoring relationship; let’s work on fixing that. This time around, we’re encouraging younger and more junior professionals to mentor the senior individuals of our community. No two workplaces are the same, so no one type of mentoring will fit all sizes. We’re positive that this is a perfect solution, and can’t wait to get you involved.
Reverse mentoring also challenges the idea of mentoring being elitist. This isn’t just a senior person taking someone under their wing, but a formal relationship for the purpose of skill sharing and to focus on professional development.