There’s no better way to get to know a city than by exploring its people, places and things. At MYP we are passionate about finding, promoting and celebrating the very best of Manchester’s diverse offerings, businesses and individuals. 

In this blog series we introduce you to some of those elements through innovative businesses who have made Manchester their home.

Today, we’ll get to know Movement and Well-being Clinic. 

Movement and Wellbeing Clinic is a practice to help primarily with back, joint and sporting injuries. The services provided include ‘back cracking’, massage, rehab in their in-house gym area, acupuncture sport taping. As part of a wider package to optimise your health and fitness, they offer hypnotherapy, and blood tests for food intolerance, stress hormone levels and general body inflammation.

We asked the team a couple of questions to gain a deeper understanding of their services and approaches to health and wellness. So, let’s find out a little bit more!


We are the Movement and Wellbeing Clinic, a multidisciplinary team comprising of Osteopaths, Sports Rehab and Massage Therapists. We are here you provide you the best quality care for your back pain, posture re-alignment, sporting injuries, headaches or even just to take time out and get a relaxing massage to ease the tension of being a young professional in the city. 


  • Osteopathy: Your number one choice for spinal pain – highly specialised ‘back cracking’ alternative to Physiotherapy, but with all the components a Physiotherapist can offer
  • Sports Rehabilitation: Focuses on the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries through rehabilitation, soft tissue work and exercise therapy
  • Massage Therapy: Soft tissue-based treatment for tight muscles, aches, pain and just general relaxation.


 We are located right in the heart of the city centre, in a beautiful and discreet private courtyard just of St Peter’s Square M2 3WQ.


Healthcare is a serious thing, which is why the standards we uphold at the clinic is one of the prime reasons for our great reputation. It is important that we make you feel welcome and listened to, but also that you are the decision maker in your journey back to full health.

We offer you the best evidence-based care, at a warm and welcoming clinic & on-site rehabilitation gym area. 

How important is community to you?

We want to become the pillars of the community when it comes to healthcare. We understand not everyone has access to good quality advice regarding their musculoskeletal health (Dr. Google is very unreliable, and G.P’s are more general and unfortunately can’t offer lots of their time). The aim is to be the people the community comes to first that they can trust.

If you’d like to learn more about the fantastic treatments, talk to the friendly team at the Movement and Wellbeing Clinic today!

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