Here at MYP, we’re passionate about identifying opportunities for young professionals in Manchester. Through our knowledge and experience combined with the insights we gain by working with partners from different industries, we’re perfectly positioned to help you navigate Manchester’s workforce. 

Each month, we’ll be diving deeply into the various career opportunities in this vibrant city. We’ll speak to leading companies from different sectors, offering the advice you need to leap into your dream career. On top of this, we’ll explore growth rates and demand – enabling you to make a well-informed decision about your chosen career path. 

So, you want to work in Manchester’s digital sector?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. For all of you wondering what it takes to land a dream role in the digital industry, we’re here to help. We’ve spoken to one of the biggest and most successful digital marketing agencies in Manchester: Embryo Digital.

The world of digital – explained by SEO agency, Embryo

We recently hosted a networking event with our digital partner, Embryo. A panel of experts spoke about the importance of the digital space and how it will continue to evolve and grow. If you didn’t attend (you missed out), then you can read the blog we dedicated to the lessons we learnt from this insightful MYP Breakfast Club event here. If you’re looking to understand the future of digital, this blog will give you an extensive overview. 

In this first feature of our career-focussed series, we’ll take you through the current state of the digital marketing sector. You’ll find out everything you need to know from desired skill set, roles, challenges and benefits. 

The best part of this feature? It’s packed full of information taken directly from Embryo themselves. As an agency that has seen nothing but growth, success and awards over the last 7 years, there’s no better company to obtain insider knowledge from!


Key statistics about the digital marketing sector

What career paths can you take within the industry?

The roles within digital marketing are as diverse as they are exciting. There are SO many opportunities that suit various skill sets. Whether your expertise lies within social media, video production, SEO or digital PR or web development, the possibilities are truly endless. 

  • Content/Copywriting
  • SEO 
  • Video marketing
  • Pay per click (PPC) management
  • Organic social media 
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Campaign strategy
  • UX design
  • Digital public relations

Why is digital marketing a great career to have in 2022?

The internet is evolving, and so are the careers it’s creating.

In the modern world, the internet is central to everything. Digital platforms have made it easier than ever before for businesses to reach out to target audiences with products and services that cater precisely to their needs. Digital marketing is paramount to any business strategies because it connects consumers with businesses in a wide range of ways. 

But what does this mean for marketers?

With the digital space constantly evolving and technology continuously improving, the acceleration of the digital world is not expected to slow down. 

There’s an increasing demand for experts in this new digital space. As a result, we’re seeing a surge in job opportunities in the digital sector

What are the benefits of choosing digital marketing as your career?

  • Versatility: Because of the plethora of roles available within a digital marketing agency, you’ll get the chance to expand your skills and work within other departments.
  • Flexibility: Many companies, such as Embryo, embrace the hybrid working model as it has been proven to maximise productivity. This enables a better work/life balance and allows employees to enjoy working from various locations. 
  • Exciting work culture: Companies like Embryo value the importance of work culture, rewarding employees with regular social nights out and encouraging strong working relationships. What’s better than working with like-minded individuals that love to socialise.
  • Future-proof: It may come as no surprise that the future is digital. This sector is constantly evolving and innovating, making this career perfect for those looking for a long-term career. 

How can you get a job in this sector?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re likely wondering how you would go about landing your dream digital job. 

The great thing about this industry is the various methods of entering it. Many of the skills that come with marketing can be learnt in different ways. For example, if you studied English at University, you could be the perfect candidate for a copywriting job within the digital marketing realm. 

So, what are the typical avenues people take to become part of a digital marketing company?


There are many ways in which you can build your experience without working in an agency setting. Savvy with website creation? Create a website that you can use to showcase your skills. Got a personal blog? Excellent. This is useful for proving your dedication to writing. Whatever your talent may be, use your creativity to highlight your skills when it comes to applying for jobs. 

Build a personal brand

These days, many professionals are identified from company directors through LinkedIn. This is a brilliant platform to display your knowledge and get your name out there. Remember: personality goes a long way during the hiring process. If you’re presenting yourself in an honest and professional way, you’ll be highly regarded by employers. 

Send in a creative CV

When looking to impress employers in a creative industry, you’re likely to be remembered for a unique and characterful application. Send in a video, write a blog or create an infographic – not only does this help you standout, it demonstrates your creative flair!

What do you need to know about this career path? Take it from the experts!

There’s nothing more useful when it comes to exploring a new career path than the wise words of an experienced expert. Hannah Matthewman, Embryo’s Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, wants you to know why a career in Digital Marketing is both challenging and rewarding:

Working in digital can feel a lot like spinning multiple plates. You always have to have your finger on the pulse (or be prepared to juggle) to make sure you stay up to date with the latest industry developments whilst also managing multiple campaigns to ensure you deliver results and ROI. 

“Whilst it can be a challenging career, it’s also one that is exciting and very rewarding. Coming to work each day, there will be new ideas and challenges for you to work on, and there’s not much that beats the feeling of putting in hard work and being able to measure stats and seeing results come in.

“If you choose the right business to work for, one that’s supportive and willing to invest, you can be as creative as you like, with sometimes the weirdest and wackiest ideas being the best.

“Another great thing about a career in digital is that a lot of the skills are transferable and can be learnt as long as you have the right attitude and willingness.” 

How can MYP help you land your dream job in digital?

We continue to shed light on the various sectors, businesses and opportunities right here in the wonderful city of Manchester. It is because of this commitment that we host numerous networking events for young professionals – the perfect space to connect with people in your desired sector. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, why not keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events hosted in partnership with our digital partner? Ensure you follow us on Instagram for regular updates and exciting articles!