If you’re a dedicated member of the MYP community or simply just enjoy our posts, you’ll know how much we are committed to bringing industries and professionals together on a regular basis. Through the organisation of unique networking events in Manchester, we are able to provide a comfortable and fun environment for like-minded individuals to network, socialise and connect.

In February, we hosted our very first Breakfast Club of 2022 at the wonderful brunch spot, PKB. An event organised to mark the launch of our new Digital Partnership with SEO agency, Embryo Digital. As experts in the sector, it seemed only fitting that we hosted an event that gave young professionals an opportunity to gain insight into how different businesses transform digitally.

We invited a multi-industry panel of experts to discuss the ever-evolving digital space. Hearing from such diverse sectors reinforced just how prominent the role of digitalisation really is for all businesses, no matter what the industry may be.

Meet the panel

Not only did this event enable our attendees to hear from some of the most inspiring industry leaders in Manchester, the host herself brought her own knowledge, wit and charm to the table! The managing director of Social Chain, Katy Leeson, chaired the panel and led the discussion wonderfully. Despite the 8am start, our specialist panel did a fantastic job at sharing their thoughts and inspiring the audience!

Ross Green Managing Director of Embryo Digital 

After working in digital for a number of years, Ross decided to take a risk and use the skills and knowledge that he had learnt to launch Embryo in 2015. Initially, Embryo began as a digital consulting firm, but Ross quickly realised that the company had a lot of space to grow. Fast forward seven years and Ross now employs over 40 team members who deliver award-winning work across a wide range of digital services to a variety of clients.

Taylor Rogers Director of Williamson & Croft LLP

Taylor joined Williamson & Croft in 2017 and qualified with the firm. As a Director, Taylor supports the growth of the practice through business development, maintaining strong client relationships and being the point of contact for our Professional Partners Network. With over 10 years experience of working in practice, Taylor has a solid understanding of clients’ requirements and the challenges business owners face across a variety of sectors.

Ellen Walker Senior Associate at Hall Brown Family Law

Hall Brown is an award winning, boutique family law firm in Manchester, London and Sheffield offering best-in-class advice on a full range of family law services. Ellen advises clients in relation to divorce, civil partnership dissolution, financial disputes, cohabitation disputes, pre and post-nuptial agreements, separation agreements and injunctive relief. She also specialises in financial provision for children. Alongside her cases, Ellen is a high profile and active member of the Manchester business community.




What were the main takeaways from the talk?

In a nutshell, the future IS digital and there is no escaping it, no matter how hard some might try. Despite the diversity between the industries involved in this event, the digital world impacts them all in various different ways. Our experienced panel made it clear that it is crucial to embrace the capabilities of digital and push the boundaries in order to grow and keep up with ongoing digital changes. Whether that be through how they market their services or how they communicate with clients, proactively adapting to how humans browse, purchase, communicate and discover brands is paramount.

Utilising digital platforms to improve how businesses work internally and externally

Each of our panel members explained how the utilisation of digital technology elevated their productivity and became a crucial aspect of thriving throughout the pandemic. By working with collaborative apps, conducting meetings virtually and offering a hybrid working environment, these three businesses were able to adjust and progress during such uncertain times. Unsurprisingly, these digital platforms are far from being ditched even as we move away from the pandemic, due to the efficiency and convenience of these tools.

Taylor spoke of his embracement of technology from a professional services point of view, highlighting how it plays a vital role in all aspects of his business:

‘If you are a growing professional services firm, I think one thing the pandemic taught us was that you can’t ignore the impact of digital marketing. I also believe choosing to ignore it over the next 5 years will play into the hands of your competition, mainly in regards to new business won but also other key areas such as recruitment’

Using digital platforms to build personal and professional brands

In the modern world, digital platforms have become the ultimate tool of communication between businesses and their target audiences. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram provide companies with a space to connect with people in original ways. Because of this, building a brand that is engaging and personable is vital to building awareness, trust and converting customers. Each member of the panel stressed the importance of using social media to connect with others. Conclusively, the future of digital marketing will be largely influenced by these platforms and how each company uses them to create meaningful connections in every single industry.

Take a multi-channel approach to your digital strategy

Embryo’s MD, Ross, passionately spoke of how their business has grown to understand the complexities of the modern consumer’s purchase decisions and how tackling multiple platforms will increase a businesses’ chances of success.

Not every marketing channel is appropriate for every business. But, every business should be using a multi-channel strategy when it comes to their marketing. As this is the best way to maximise the results from your investment.’ Ross Green

This forward-thinking approach helps businesses stay ahead of competition and reach their target audiences from all possible angles.

Authenticity and consistency are key to digital success

When it comes to representing your business online, it can be difficult to navigate social media in a way that best reflects who you are and what you do. In 2022, people appreciate authentic content. Being authentic will inevitably help build connections online organically and help to build trust in personal brands. Additionally, regularly engaging with other industry professionals will help individuals and their businesses become recognised. Both Ross and Taylor spoke of their experiences with this and how they plan to improve their current social media platforms to best reflect their services and the people that make up their businesses.

pot kettle black breakfast

What does the future of digital look like?

Unsurprisingly, our panel answered this question with hesitation, stating that the future is completely unknown at this point. After all, digital platforms and search engines evolve rapidly – it would be impossible to accurately predict what the future holds. However, the panel felt confident that building personal and professional brands, marketing across multiple channels and staying ahead of trends will all play an integral role in succeeding in the digital world.

We asked our forward-thinking panel host, Katy, to provide her thoughts on how businesses can evolve through the utilisation of digital. Here’s what she said:

“What I love about the digital space is it’s ever-evolving nature, there are always new opportunities to try. With that comes the challenge of being able to keep up and sessions like this one are a great way to spark new ideas, new ways of thinking and see how different business operations are using Digital for tangible business success.“

After a morning of delightful coffee, mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches and pleasant conversations, the event ended with multiple people feeling motivated to take the next step in enhancing their online presence and digital marketing strategies!

Watch this space for further talks with industry experts and exceptional networking events!