Could you please briefly tell us who Hitachi Solutions Europe are and what you do? 

Hitachi Solutions Europe is part of Hitachi, Ltd. — one of the largest organisations in the world. We are fortunate to be a part of this extraordinary network of innovators. 

Being part of a worldwide business, we bring global consultancy combined with local country expertise and a focus on people-first digital transformation. As a Microsoft Partner, we specialise in offering technology-focused, business-tailored services, to guide public and private sector organisations through their transformation journey and help our customers address their technological challenges. 

Our mission is “To contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products” which is evident through the companies we work with like the British Heart Foundation where our experts leveraged technology to improve a life-changing defibrillator network. 

Our team of world-class professionals aim to always deliver forward-thinking solutions that empower our clients to be more efficient and innovative. 


What do you enjoy most about having your base in Manchester and being a part of the Manchester professional community? 

The most enjoyable thing about having a base in Manchester is being front and centre of one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities and benefitting from what that brings.  The city has a vibrant technology scene and a rich cultural and industrial heritage, which have produced strong collaborative networks among professionals, providing many opportunities for business, career, and personal growth.  


The cultivation of a company’s culture is becoming an increasingly popular focal point for organisations. Please could you briefly tell us about the company culture at Hitachi Solutions Europe? What are your ‘core values’? 

Hitachi Solutions Europe is made up of three core values:  

Harmony (Wa)Stressing interdependence over personal interests, a belief that only by showing respect, are you able to earn respect.

Sincerity (Makoto We)Sincerity for us means ensuring fairness in all our endeavours while putting the needs of our employees and customers at the centre of all we do. 

Pioneering Spirit (Kaitakusha – Seishin)Driving innovation and seeking new challenges is what we’re all about. Our pioneering spirit also means we are fearlessly flexible when adapting to the changing needs of our employees and customers. 

The culture at Hitachi Solutions Europe is one that truly values and prioritises the well-being of its employees. As a people-first digital transformation company, this is imperative because the individuals who make up our diverse teams are key to our innovation. 

At Hitachi Solutions Europe everyone is valued and important to the success of the company. We listen to our people and believe that everyone has something important to say and a contribution to make, that is why we promote a highly cross-functional environment, where everyone is approachable, no matter what their job title. Receiving the ‘Great Place to Work’ award further highlights how we prioritise not only the outcomes but elements like work flexibility, a healthy work-life balance and our corporate social responsibility. Evident through our commitment to our Charity partner ‘Mind’ a Mental Health and Wellbeing charity and our support towards ‘Young Lives vs Cancer’. 


Why is the technology sector currently such an exciting industry to be a part of? 

The technology sector is currently an exciting industry due to its constant innovation, rapid growth, and significant societal impact. Technology goes beyond merely solving problems; it fosters creativity and encourages thinking outside the box to find new solutions. With emerging technology trends continuously evolving, the industry remains at the forefront of developments like Artificial Intelligence, Fabric, and more. At Hitachi Solutions Europe, we acknowledge the dual nature of technology and its impact on the businesses we work with and society at large. Technology isn’t just applied; it can have a lasting effect on society. Utilising Microsoft technology, we not only transform companies’ operations for efficiency but also contribute to sustainability, government resources, and improved customer service. 


Has Hitachi Solutions Europe won any awards? Are there any which you’re particularly proud of? 

Hitachi Solutions Europe has been recognised with numerous awards over the years, including the ‘Digital Revolution Awards’ Best Microsoft Partner to Work For in 2023, and being named a Finalist for Microsoft Partner of the Year Government two years in a row, in 2023 and 2022.  

Additionally, we were shortlisted for the British Data Awards Data Transformation Project in 2022. However, as a company we are especially proud of our ‘Great Place to Work’ certification as our people make up so much of the amazing work we can do. As mentioned, our focus is ‘people-first digital transformation’, our experts are essential to our growth as a company and to be acknowledged by them further highlights our core values. 


Are you currently hiring? What roles are you looking to fill? 

We are actively seeking candidates to join our team at our UK office, with vacancies available in a range of positions. These include roles such as Business Analyst, User Researcher, Business Development Director, Project Manager, Power Platform Architect, Analytics Consultant, and several other positions. For more details on these opportunities and how to apply, please visit the vacancies page on our website. 


Why did you decide to join MYP? What attracted you to our community in particular? 

Our partnership with MYP is deeply influenced by their inspirational company culture, which aligns closely with values we also believe are important. Community and partnerships are essential to Hitachi Solutions Europe, and we pride ourselves on having a community culture, listening to our people, and valuing everyone’s contribution. Whether it’s supporting a local charity or being involved in global initiatives, our people and our community are what set us apart. 

We believe that collaborating with organisations like MYP in the Northwest, will not only facilitate our growth in the region but also enable us to contribute to the vibrant and expanding network of professionals in Manchester. 


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