The events of 2020 really underlined the need for people to look after their physical and mental health, to say the least. From lockdowns to lack of contact with loved ones to endless days spent indoors, health and wellbeing services across Manchester have become a vital opportunity for students and adults to forget about COVID-19 for a bit and instead, focus on their mental wellbeing and activities that make them feel good.

Here at MYP, we’re passionate about topics such as mental well being, physical health and exercise. So in today’s blog, we’re going to be examining what progressive health and wellbeing is, before showcasing some of the best gyms and services in Manchester that you can use online during lockdown. We’ll outline a range of different gyms and what they specialise in, for instance, if you prefer a HIIT workout, or you want something a little slower, we’ll give you specific organisations that can offer what you want, without having to leave your home. We’re also going to hear from GSquared, a health club which is opening in Manchester city centre very soon.

What Is Progressive Health And Wellbeing?

Over the last two to three years, the progressive health and wellbeing sector has exploded. It appears that many people enjoy the joint health and wellbeing strategy, and the way it can help promote healthy lives for people. So, to kick things off, we thought we’d outline what progressive health and wellbeing is, compared to regular exercise.

Essentially, progressive health and wellbeing is a more holistic approach to mental and physical health and looks to improve people’s relationship with all things exercise. It goes beyond just going to the gym and looks to get at the root cause of issues so that more fundamental change can take place.

It’s a movement that began thanks to LA-based fitness influencers and enthusiasts and, since then, has made its way to London and now, Manchester!

There is also a greater emphasis on mental health and the benefits that services such as yoga, HIIT, or other more basic forms of exercise, can have on people. Mental health can impact every aspect of your life and stop you from doing things that will be of benefit to you, progressive health and wellbeing look to tie the two together so people can see the benefit of good health and wellbeing on their lives.

Someone who knows all about this area of the health sector is CEO of GSquared Health Clubs, Andy McGlynn. We had the opportunity to speak to him about all things health and wellbeing.

We began by asking, why: “Why is Manchester experiencing progression in this space?”

He said: “I remember the days when there was literally a handful of PT’s in the city of Manchester (going back some 18 years ago), and with the proliferation of low costs gyms in which the model is dependent on high PT numbers, the scene has now exploded.

“What also came out of the gym chains in the city was a break-off of a number of PT’s who went on to set up their own PT Studios, and this led to the second wave of coaching and the formation of a coaching/PT culture.”

Andy went on to add that: “PT’s were using the space in their fairly straight forward, basic PT studios that larger gyms just weren’t tuned into, and it really took off.

“Naturally, as a successful city, Manchester became targeted as a city for international and London based gym/fitness brands to expand into.

“I’m proud to say that GSquared and its team are very ‘Manchester’, and this is how we see things.”

We then asked if, in his experience, it’s important for young professionals to dedicate time on a regular basis to health and well-being?

“We are learning more and more that focusing on advanced and cutting-edge methods to improve health and fitness, and employing holistic approaches to our fitness regime, is giving us the mental performance advantage, as well as the physical benefits.” He said.

Andy added: “Any professional knows all too well the stresses and strains that a business/project or start-up will have on their mental and physical health.

“That’s why we use the phrase ‘working in’ as a way of building up to ‘working out’ at GSquared.

“In many cases with the execs I’ve worked with over the 18 years as a coach/PT, I’ve had to build their energy, support their adrenals, switch on the right genes, fix their sleep issues and inevitably there’s always an injury or a lower back/shoulder pain in there somewhere.

“All this has to be addressed before we start throwing weights around in the gym or placing demanding schedules of fitness regimes on top of an already pressured timetable and working week.”

GSquared is Manchester’s most innovative fitness space and is opening in early 2021.

Here Are Some Of The Best Online Progressive Health And Wellbeing Clubs In Manchester

Talking about progressive health and wellbeing is one thing, doing it, and finding a place to feel your best self, is another thing. So, what follows are some of our favourite gyms and health clubs in Manchester, which you can enjoy online from your home, that promote different types of workouts, gym experiences and mental health wellbeing

Keen Runner? Why Not Join Our Strava Virtual Running Club!

Exercising in a gym is fantastic but sometimes nothing beats lacing up your running trainers and pounding the pavements. We’re big fans of running here at MYP so we decided to set up a fantastic virtual running club on the popular app ‘Strava’. So, if you fancy yourself as a Manchester Mo Farah, or you just want to get out of the house, be sure to join our club. Simply download the Strava app (if you haven’t already), search for ‘MYP Run Club’, and hit ‘Join’!

Members are encouraged to give ‘Kudos’ (similar to a ‘Like’ on Facebook) and comment when other people have posted their latest run time, all with the goal of encouraging people and improving mental health through running. We’ll be sharing popular 5k to 10k routes around Manchester and if you manage to run 50k in January you’ll be entered into a draw to win some awesome prizes!

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