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In a city that boasts some of the most prestigious education institutions on a global scale, it’s no coincidence that thousands of young people are flocking to this bustling Northern hub. With its widely diverse culture, all-inclusive family feel, and world-class institutions, we can see why Manchester is considered one of the UK’s top student cities. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a unique and vibrant community?

In our latest series, MBA in the Spotlight, we are shouting about the incredible opportunities that our city has to offer in the business and education sectors. If you’re a working professional looking to advance your career in the world of business, Alliance Manchester Business School is the place for you. With a range of MBA, or Master of Business Administration, courses designed specifically for young professionals, this world-renowned institution aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

So, how can studying an MBA help boost your career in business? In this third instalment, we explore what it’s like to take part in the Full-time MBA programme.

How MBA Internships are Opening Doors for Manchester’s Young Business Professionals

Business is a highly competitive career path, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Having some real-world experience under your belt is one way to impress employers and get your foot through the door. As part of the MBA programme, you will have the opportunity to take part in a 10-12 week internship. By working alongside experienced industry professionals, you will not only gain insight into the day-to-day running of a business but start to make meaningful connections and build a professional network. 

Alliance Manchester Business School has an exciting selection of internships at a range of companies, including the likes of Amazon and Microsoft! Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity…

Tech Entrepreneur Turned Product Manager – The Journey of an MBA Graduate

As an entrepreneur with a tech background, James Hall made the decision to join the Full-time MBA programme. Having been initially drawn in by the internship opportunities, as well as the International Business Project, the breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience gained has enabled him to strive for a leadership role in an entirely new field. 

Now, James is working as a product manager for PwC in their Data and Automation Platform. We asked him about his experience on the programme:

Who should be looking at MBAs in your opinion?

Anyone who wants to pivot from one career to another. The MBA gives you that pause in your career to then learn and add to your skill set. Especially through the internships. The MBA gives you the chance to experience something totally new and helps you to pivot into a whole new field. You will develop a broad knowledge base and opportunities to work in a variety of fields. If you are looking to do something drastically different in your future career I would say consider an MBA.

What advice would you give to someone who may be at the early stages of considering an MBA?

Studying an MBA is great, but they are expensive and a big investment of both time and money. If you can apply for a scholarship, I would highly recommend looking into this as an option. Make sure you go to visit the schools you are considering – speak to their recruitment teams and network with the alumni. It is important to have all the information you need before you make your final decision. I found by researching Alliance Manchester Business School, the alumni network was huge, and I am so grateful to now be a part of that.

Tell me more about your internship with Amazon, how was it?

I loved the opportunity to work in a leading technology company in their UX team. Interning at Amazon in their coveted MBA programme was once in a lifetime for me. I owe my pivot into UX and Product Management to this opportunity which was enabled by my studying for the MBA at Manchester and having the chance to be an MBA intern.

How was your International Business Project experience?

The International Business Project was the last part of my Full-time MBA experience. I was lucky enough to work with Mastercard. The experience was challenging as I don’t come from a finance and banking background, so I found it all a steep learning curve. But because of all of the academics and teachings from the MBA, I was a lot more comfortable with corporate finance and able to work with a dynamic team of my peers to deliver a very valuable piece of strategy consulting for Mastercard.

Many young professionals enter a standard graduate programme with a range of consultancies across the UK.  How does your new role at PwC differ from the more commonly followed graduate schemes? How did the Manchester MBA help you secure this role?

The role I secured at PwC is not an MBA role specifically, however I was able to demonstrate the experience I had obtained from the MBA, especially through my internship with Amazon and the project with Mastercard. It added major value to my CV.

Since working in my role in product management, I spend a lot of time in meetings. Coming into this with an MBA shows you have a very broad skill set, which helps when working with key stakeholders around the firm.

Highlight of the MBA

As part of the Full-time MBA, you have the opportunity to study electives at one of Manchester’s global centres. I was lucky enough to go on the study tour to Dubai where I studied international business strategy. We had the chance to network with alumni and experience Dubai and its cultural offerings.

There were around 20 of my classmates on this trip and I created a very close bond with them. I now have a number of MBA friends who I regularly stay in touch with post-graduation, these I hope will be lifelong friendships.

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