By this time in 2030, Manchester won’t be red or blue. Manchester’s going green. Carbon-neutral has been the buzz-word of the past few years and our planet is on its last straw (we use metal ones, personally). In an effort to leave less of a footprint, Transport for Greater Manchester will be delivering their vision for a new integrated transport system. Destination? Bee Network.

Destination: Bee Network is going to be a huge effort to align Mancunians travel wants and needs with a more eco-friendly existence. By 2024 they aim to have joined together buses, trams, cycling and walking, with the addition of rail by 2030. This is all about the hive-mind attitude: for the people, and for the planet.

Public transport is going to be transformed into one system with local control and accountability, using the Bee, a long respected regional emblem, to represent the promise of a high quality, inclusive transport experience.

TFGM want to provide our city with a network that is accessible, affordable, easy to use. This will be through features such as a daily fare cap and single multi-modal tickets; your commutes are about to fly by. The aim here is looking to London – using their integrated transport style and daily caps for both environmental and economic efficiency.

What does this mean for carbon neutrality? Hopefully, this means only 17 years until Manchester can officially hold the all-important title of a carbon-neutral city. By 2038, our eco-conscious home could be offering a fully electric and integrated transport system (one which offers a very attractive alternative to city traffic).