Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re all about building a strong diverse network of people who just… get it. Of course, every single one of us is on a unique journey, hailing from different parts and setting our sights on new and exciting goals. But our collective love of the city and its cultivation of an up-and-coming generation is what drives us. And we think that’s worth shouting about.

Manchester is full of like-minded folk in their 20s and 30s who are absolutely raring to go. They are always looking to find out more about their industry and are driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, enriching their lives by  attending events, learning new skills and developing themselves both personally and professionally. If this sounds like you, then we’re in great company.

So when we had to consider organisations that we wanted to link with, it made perfect sense for our first Digital Partner to also be a young company. Especially one that champions individual growth and consistently pushes themselves and others to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world.

Because of all of these qualities, we’re seriously proud to announce Embryo as our first-ever official Digital Partner!

Seeing What Others Don’t: What Makes Embryo Stand Out From The Crowd?

First founded in 2015, Embryo is a company that has been helping businesses grow their online presence in a number of ways – using expert, knowledge-led services that innovate across a range of industries. The digital channels they helm for clients allow them to grow their teams, take up vital online space and, most importantly, sell more products and services.

Embryo came from the mind of current Managing Director and Founder Ross Green, who knew that a marketing agency that blends technical expertise with plenty of creative thinking would thrive in Manchester. Over the past seven years, their award-winning full-service digital agency has worked with businesses of all sizes, with names such as I Saw It First, Wonderbra, The Piece Hall and The Insurance Octopus on their roster. 

The business has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. Now boasting 40+ staff members all working to deliver top-notch Content, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Digital PR, PPC (Pay Per Click), Operations, Social Media and Sales across even more sectors – the only way is up for Embryo.

As we head into 2022, we expect to see even more great things from their growing team.

Sparking Curiosity, Offering Insight and Championing Development: What Makes A Digital Partner?

When we were thinking about businesses that would make a great fit for us as a Digital Partner, we wanted to see ourselves reflected in their core values. So Embryo – who has been supporting us here at MYP with SEO and ace content for a while now – just made perfect sense.

We wanted to partner with other businesses who aim to use their position to do good for the people of this city, especially when we’ve been supporting amazing local charities like Beachwood, Forever Manchester and Mind Manchester by fundraising and event proceeds since 2016. Embryo has also worked closely with a number of charities over the years, such as Mind and LGBTQ+ organisation akt, using their position to help fundraise and amplify the work of these fantastic non-profits.

Notably, Embryo’s team of industry specialists are also mostly made up of young professionals too – meaning they not only understand what we do on a surface level, but are actively living it. It’s an insight that money can’t buy.

But as well as lived experience, this youthful bunch are all about four things: Togetherness, Curiosity, Innovation and Focus. These core values drive Embryo forward and help them deliver again and again on one of their statements: “Our curiosity is what allows us to understand the problems brands face”.

This curiosity was just one of the things that resonated with us here at Manchester Young Professionals, as we are always looking for ways to create events and develop our Mentorship Program for our amazing network.

Over the past few years, COVID has challenged all of us on both a personal and professional level, meaning that businesses and individuals had to quickly adapt. Here at MYP, we were blown away seeing our network still doing amazing things despite the obstacles, and loved finding out about them via our socials and remote events.

But now we’re able to meet in-person again, all of us are looking forward to seeing our members’ lovely faces – so make sure to watch this space for new and upcoming events!

Talking about the partnership and all the fantastic things we’ve got in the making, Embryo’s Ross Green said: “As a business full of young talent, who take pride in personal and professional development, becoming MYP’s digital partner was an obvious choice for us. 

“We’ve worked with the brand for a few years, and watching them evolve over the years has been great. We’re really excited about what we’ll achieve together this year, and look forward to seeing everyone at the events!”

embryo awards
Embryo’s award-winning PPC team


Liking the Sound of What We Do? Get Involved?

We’re all about community – in all the shapes and sizes you find it. Our membership scheme champions that, with a focus on bringing people together through the amazing events we hold across the city. But we can’t do it without the input of brilliant young professionals like you. That’s why we encourage everyone to get involved and share their bright ideas, whether that’s for new events, spaces or highlighting a fantastic business near you.

We always want to find out more – so get in touch with us today and let us know!