The Covid-19 pandemic left young people in free fall. For many young people, the future was already uncertain. Now, having missed out on vital education, training and job opportunities, millions are at risk of being left behind. This week we spoke to our Charity Partner, The Prince’s Trust to learn more.

In Greater Manchester, the problems are even more stark, as sadly young people were already facing greater challenges than the national average, prior to the pandemic.

26,255 18-24 year olds are currently claiming out of work benefits in Greater Manchester – a figure which has more than doubled in the past 2 years (NOMIS, May 2021).

Higher rates of looked after children, poverty and mental health disorders sit alongside lower rates of school readiness, educational attainment and levels of physical activity. Additionally, employers are increasingly communicating that young people need more relevant exposure to the workplace to suitably prepare them for adulthood and working life, in order to address the skills gaps amongst the future workforce.

However, whilst The Prince’s Trust know there is still significant challenge ahead, they tell us they are now operating in the context of recovery. “Our ambition is to not only support young people at a time of great need, but to enable Manchester to come out of the pandemic looking confidently into the future.”

The Price’s Trust supported 433 young people in Manchester this year. Their work around our region makes a massive difference and the impact is immeasurable, as they positively impact people on a day to day basis.

Some of the highlights below, including the likes of Grace Graham:

  • 16 young people supported via the Trust’s Alternative Provision offer, which has helped under 16’s develop the skills and confidence needed for young people to re-engage with education.
  • 13 young people supported by the Trust’s flexible Life Skills curriculum (Achieve), helping to equip young people from Manchester with the character and skills needed for work and adult life.
  • 28 young people supported through World of Work (Mosaic) offer, to help raise the aspirations of young Mancunians, inspiring young people to engage with the world of work by connecting them with relatable role models from a range of industries.
  • 45 young people supported via NEET Engagement provision, helping those furthest from the labour market, aged 16-25, to build confidence and develop the life skills required for further learning and employment.
  • 252 young people supported by the Trust’s tailored Pre-Employment provision, which has supported 16-30 year olds in accessing employer led interventions to help support young people move into employment across a range of foundational and growth sectors across Greater Manchester
  • 59 via Financial Incentives, providing support to help remove financial barriers that may be preventing young people in accessing education, employment and training opportunities.

We’ll be announcing ways you can get involved to support our Charity Partner, The Prince’s Trust in the new year – so watch this space.