Charity means a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, it means supporting the young people and the future of our community. The Prince’s Trust is making a difference for the young professionals of Greater Manchester and Laura Whitehurst, Head of Operations, discusses exactly what it means to her in this video.

This partnership is founded on recognising potential. The Prince’s Trust is aiding young people in gaining vital skills and qualifications. We are motivated to help young professionals start something. Not only something to put on a CV but the confidence and the mindset necessary in setting you apart from others and pushing young people forward towards success.

The Prince’s Trust wants young professionals, above all else, to prove to themselves what they can do. This is a campaign we are extremely passionate about and cannot wait for you all to get involved and see what comes next!

Last week we hosted an Instagram live with Simon Wright from the Trust. He joined us to talk about the great work they do in the city, some of the exciting things we’ll be doing together during 2021, and crucially where you can think about getting involved! Click here for our Instagram TV page to catch up if you missed it.