As you know we love talking about all things that are good about Manchester, whether that’s businesses, individuals or teams that are advancing our great city! You may well have seen that over recent months we’ve been showcasing a number of different sectors and giving you insight into innovative businesses and what they bring to Manchester.

As part of our ‘Get to Know’ series, we take a look into the work that our partners do, spotlighting their business to help make a difference to the community. MYP’s purpose is to provide dynamic young people with the tools they need to network and grow in their chosen industries whilst also providing them with access to a multifaceted community that supports their career goals.

This month and over 2022, MYP is teaming up with Think Legal, a legal recruitment business setup to provide a top quality service to both clients and candidates. Earlier this month, Think Legal sponsored their first MYP event of 2022 with the March Breakfast Club at Albert Schloss, with plenty more to come over the rest of the year.


Think Legal are a legal recruitment agency with a key focus on the North West and Midlands markets working with a range of law firms as well as industries recruiting in house lawyers and legal teams.

In Think Legal’s words, they are small but perfectly formed, with an aim to build lasting relationships and maintain a reputation for honesty and impartiality.


At its simplest, they introduce legal professionals to law firms and industry. The introduction is often (but not always) the simplest part – it’s the work that precedes it that represents the hardest part. Think Legal seek to build relationships and earn the trust of lawyers and legal professionals looking for career advice and development, and represent them in seeking to achieve their aims. In order to do so they must also earn the confidence of law firms, managing partners and recruiting teams to be given the mandates in the legal market to work for them.  Think Legal’s mission (recently concluded together with their new website) encapsulates that:

“We’re on mission to improve the hiring process with a truly people focussed approach, listening attentively to accurately advise legal professionals, enabling them to achieve their career aspirations , and supporting more businesses to thrive.”


Manchester and Birmingham – Joe Gregory and Paul Warburton, their co-founders are Manchester based and both have been involved in the legal community (whether as lawyers or recruiters) for well over 30 years. In the modern world, geography has become less of a priority in terms of their people and so the team is now spread in Birmingham, Cumbria and as far north as Scotland.

Their main operations remain in Manchester.


The business was set up by Joe and Paul who had worked together in a previous recruitment business but felt there was opportunity to put their own stamp on things and to focus efforts on the singular thing that recruitment has at its very core, people.

Paul commented, “Joe and I have been in Manchester for the bulk of our professional lives and in a world dominated by technological advancement and the commoditisation of people and practices, we wanted to prioritise the importance of building relationships. Whether that be with law firms or legal candidates, we wanted to work in a way that committed time to understanding the needs of people and their teams and those individuals wanting to consider their career direction. Recognising that trust is earned via time and effort, our commitment was to developing our business with people at its heart.”

How important is community?

For the team at Think Legal community is everything. Paul adds, “Manchester has always done an exceptional job of looking for ways to bring people together. The business community is no exception. There is a unifying sense that underpins those efforts and a genuine desire to help people along the way.”

Over the last 6 years, through their business, Think Legal have supported a number of causes close to their hearts here in Manchester. In doing so the team have always been struck by the sense of pride, decency and generosity that the Manchester business community consistently demonstrates to support numerous local good causes. They feel lucky to be here and to be able to contribute and give back.

Joe comments, “The beauty of Manchester is its size. Despite being a large vibrant city its size has always meant the business community is close knit and you are never far away from the opportunity to network and meet new people. Above all, it is incredibly welcoming. MYP is the epitome of that. Bringing all manner of professionals together to find common ground and cement Manchester as a city that gets things done.”

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You can find out more about Think Legal and visit their new website to hear more, as well as attending future Breakfast Clubs that they will be supporting through 2022. Watch out for more details on these coming soon!

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