There’s no point repeating it but for the sake of introducing today’s blog, we will. Manchester, and now the whole of the UK, are hunkering down and waiting out a second lockdown. While it’s obviously rubbish that we can’t see our friends, family or network with like-minded young professionals that does not mean we can’t treat ourselves and enjoy the finer things in life!

So, in today’s blog, we’re going to be letting you know what some of Manchester’s best restaurants are offering in terms of takeaway. No matter what happens in the country, the thriving food & drink industry that is the heartbeat of this city will go on and a pesky second lockdown certainly isn’t going to stop them!

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Fantastic Manchester Restaurants That Are Operating A Takeaway Service


Comfort food is certainly on the menu for a lot of people right now. Dark nights, rain, wind and leaden skies call for authentic Italian pasta dishes. Sugo has been an institution in both Altrincham and Ancoats for a while now and throughout lockdown 1 and lockdown 2, the sequel, the team there have been nourishing souls by providing some of the best pasta in the whole of Greater Manchester. From their Sugo House special to the Strozzapreti with broccolini and anchovy butter they have a dish for everyone. They haven’t tried to over complicate things and focused on quality over quantity which sits absolutely fine with us!

Koffee Pot

An institution sitting in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Koffee Pot is still slinging out everything from black-pudding laden fried breakfasts to the fanciest of cocktails. A takeaway order from these guys is sure to cure any and all ailments, their ‘Lockdown kits’, which cost around £20, come with everything you could need to create your very own fry-up and if it’s not washed down with a bloody mary… are you even doing it right?!

Sushi Marvel

If the call of sushi beckons and you require something fresh, crunchy and delicious then the team at Sushi Marvel are ready and waiting to heed that call. From nigiri to uramaki and sashimi (there’s even some Wagyu beef on offer if you’re feeling fancy) these guys have it all as well as a range of monster platters, snacks and sides. All of this combined makes for a true lockdown feast. Situated on the Oldham Road opposite Wing Yip, you might miss this amazing source of sushi goodness if you’re too quick so be sure to take things slow and get ready for some seriously tasty Japanese cuisine!


Nestled in Red Bank in the up-and-coming Green Quarter, Sparrows is a fantastic independent business that offers mouth-watering continental pasta and spatzle. Run by the most wonderful people their menu is extensive, delightful and always has something new to try. From the pelmeni and sauerkraut salad to their spatzle, gnocchi and tasty dumplings, a takeaway from Green Quarter’s best-kept secret is a real treat. It’s so good, in fact, that you’ll be booking your table to enjoy the real thing in December (fingers crossed) in no time at all!


If you’ve got a birthday or anniversary coming up and want to treat your other half then a Hawksmoor at Home Steak & Cocktail Box is the ultimate Rolls-Royce of takeaways. In your box, you’ll find two exquisite steaks, creamed spinach, the best chunky chips money can buy, a bone marrow gravy and bottle of red wine, two beers and a pre-dinner cocktail! Fire up the grill, pour yourself your tipple of choice, close your eyes and you might as well be at Hawksmoor’s Manchester restaurant!

Pho Cue Kitchen

Did someone say Vietnamese street food? Pho Cue kitchen, based in China Town in the middle of Manchester has got some pretty awesome ‘Street Boxes’ and delivery options. You only have to head over to their Instagram and take a look at their offerings to know that they mean business. Our favourite is the ‘Ultimate Lockdown Street Box’ which consists of *deep breath*… BBQ glazed ribs, sweet & spicy homemade wings, sticky tofu, two springs rolls, pickled veg, lettuce lime, salt and pepper chunky chips, spring onions and dried shallots… phew! And the best part? You can get all this goodness for just £15!


We couldn’t have a list of amazing restaurants doing takeaway without throwing a pizza joint in there. Forget your big pizza chains, their fine and all but they don’t quite give you the authentic Neapolitan experience that Rudy’s does. Doing takeaway and delivery on a whole range of classic and inventive pizzas the Rudy folks will absolutely be able to soothe your lockdown woes.

Have We Missed One? Get In Touch And Let Us Know!

We hope one (or two) of these restaurants will help you ease those lockdown blues. There are so many ones that we could have featured but didn’t have the time to. Be sure to let us know which are your favourites by getting in touch with us. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about what we do here at Manchester Young Professionals then please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!