Manchester is renowned for many things and its reputation for outstanding education institutions is one reason why we have such a large, diverse student community. Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we are incredibly proud of our city and all that it has to offer. That’s why we endeavour to inform the young people of this city of all of the amazing opportunities available to them in our business and education sectors.

With that in mind, we want to take this opportunity to tell you all about a superb institution here in Manchester which offers industry-focused education to students locally, nationally and internationally! Alliance Manchester Business School provides people of all ages with access to prestigious industry-focused education programmes.

In this second instalment of MBA in the Spotlight, we’ll take a fresh perspective by looking at a different age range of students.

How Manchester Business School Encourages Lifelong Learning

Many people associate acquiring higher education qualifications with students straight out of college and the majority of undergraduate and postgraduate students do fall into the 18-24 years category. However, education is not limited by age. In fact, the class profile of Alliance Manchester Business School’s 2020/21 cohort had an average age of 29 years, and attracted students from all over the world including South, Central and North America, South East Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, India and Europe. The average age of the part-time Global MBA is 36, with some students starting the MBA in their mid to late 20’s.

Celebrating the Success of a Manchester Global MBA Student

Earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration opens a lot of doors for anyone hoping to excel in the industry. It will not only increase your chance of achieving leadership roles in top companies, but it can provide you with the necessary tools required to start your own business. Therefore, achieving a place on one of these prestigious programmes can be life changing.

An incredibly successful graduate of the MBA Global programme explained why he chose to enrol on the MBA as a mature student. Stephen Hall, who completed the Manchester Global MBA in 2018 and now works as a Senior Manager at Celonis. We asked him about his journey:

What was your job before the MBA?

Senior Consultant for a CIO advisory boutique consultancy.

What MBA programme did you join and what was the format?

Part-time Global MBA. My base centre was Manchester, and I completed the course in 2 years.

We understand you may have been one of the younger students in your MBA class. Why did you decide to study the MBA at 27?

I have always been aware of an MBA, and this felt like the right time for me both personally and professionally. Personally, I was able to dedicate the time I felt I needed and professionally, my role was expanding to where I felt I needed a more rounded understanding of how businesses operate.

There is a tendency in the UK to forget about higher education over the age of 23, once a UG or MSc is completed. Why did you decide to go against the grain and pursue an MBA?

I felt I needed something beyond what I was able to obtain professionally through my role, a different perspective. Academia encourages you to think outside of the box and takes you out of your comfort zone; I think my MBA allowed me to take more ownership of my professional development and career.

Why did you choose the Manchester Global MBA?

Manchester University was where I did my undergraduate degree, so it was the natural place to start when I was assessing my MBA options. I spoke to other institutes but the flexibility and hybrid learning environment Manchester offered made my choice pretty simple.

What advice would you give someone thinking of studying an MBA?

Go all in. Connect with as many of your peers as you can (both locally and globally) to build your personal network. If a topic on the syllabus interests you, explore it beyond the core and suggested readings. The course is perfectly structured to give you a good, rounded understanding but you will get out of it what you put in.

MBAs often give students an opportunity to gain global experience with overseas classes, did you take advantage of this?

Yes, I travelled to both Hong Kong and Singapore for face-to-face workshops. It was a great opportunity to connect with peers from other cultures to enrich my learning (and also tag on a couple of holidays either side…).

What was your favourite part of the programme?

The face-to-face workshops. There was always a buzz amongst the students during these sessions. The professors were a mix of ‘pure’ academics and working/ex professionals – they provided real-life examples to bring the course material to life.

Do you think you got ROI from your MBA?

I was fortunate enough to be sponsored through my studies by my employer; that being said, I still look back on the time I invested as a great ROI. I have recently moved jobs (from Management consultancy into a software house) and I think having an MBA on my CV was a catalyst for getting my foot in the door in a highly competitive environment. Moreover, the education I received on the course has been pivotal for me as I have transitioned into a leadership role.

What do you enjoy the most about living in Manchester?

Manchester is the greatest city in the world – I think it has something for everyone (except a beach). I still live centrally, and I love it. Everything I need is only a short tram or walk away, whether that’s taking advantage of our growing food scene or sampling the latest bar opening in the city centre.

Find Out How You Can Apply for a MBA Scholarship

Many people are dissuaded from studying for an MBA at a prestigious university due to the financial commitment involved. We understand that finances can stand in the way of talented individuals pursuing their goals. Therefore, Alliance Manchester Business School together with MYP provide a number of scholarship opportunities to ensure that funding doesn’t get in the way of achieving your dreams. By applying in 2022 for a scholarship worth £22,500, you could be one step closer to achieving your aspirations.

To discover more about Alliance Manchester Business School, their courses and eligibility criteria, visit their website or enquire with them today. Additionally, if the scholarships we offer are of interest, please email us at Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information on this point coming soon.