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In this blog post, we’re talking to Hitachi Solutions Europe, a business management consultancy that recently won ‘Best Microsoft Partner to Work For’ at the Digital Revolution Awards!

Not long ago, the award winners opened a brand-new office in the heart of Spinningfields. So, let’s find out about one of Manchester’s newest businesses.

Get to know: Hitachi Solutions Europe

Helping you get to know our latest business partner, we asked the leading consultancy firm to give some insight into what they’re all about – here’s Hitachi Solutions under the spotlight.


Hitachi Solutions Europe is a global business management consultancy that provides digital, data, and technology solutions. We are also a Microsoft-only Cloud Services partner, specialising in end-to-end business transformation.

As part of Hitachi Ltd., our company has a long and rich history of innovation, financial strength, and global presence as one of the world’s largest companies.

Our highly skilled team helps drive improvements, creating efficiency, and growth within organisations. To achieve this, we employ the best, most dedicated talent to deliver outstanding technology solutions to both our local and global clients.


Hitachi Solutions has a head office in London and, by opening a space in Spinningfields, has recently established a presence in Greater Manchester. We also have offices across Europe in France, Germany, Portugal, and Bulgaria.


Business consultancies are evolving to keep pace with new trends and technologies, helping businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Despite there being a multitude of facets that make up Hitachi Solutions, we primarily are rooted to three main concepts.

Digital Innovation 

Digital innovation is more than just a buzzword to us; it’s a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate.

Our Digital Innovation team brings together diverse skills to generate creative and imaginative solutions that users and customers utilise, and that support organisations in a constantly changing world.

With the right balance of business strategy, operational excellence, and technical expertise, you can help organisations to align their business drivers, understand their end-users, and accelerate technical development.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions have transformed the way businesses store, access, and process data. Hitachi Solutions is helping companies leverage cloud technology to improve efficiency, scalability, and security.

At Hitachi Solutions, we support organisations in discovering the art of the possible and realising value quickly. We do this by aligning their business plans with a technology strategy, backed by our industry and cloud expertise.

We help design and build scalable solutions that enable organisations to take advantage of relevant emerging technology. Not only do Cloud Solutions allow organisations to get more from their data, but they also unlock potential business value, streamline systems, and reduce risks with decision-making.

Lifetime Services 

Once projects have gone live, our services don’t just end there. The Lifetime Services team (LTS) protects each organisation’s investment in technology post-going live, with a range of proactive support services that will do much more than just maintain the status quo.

Providing ongoing support, our LTS team helps organisations to maintain their projects, supporting them with future updates, maintenance, and training.


Recently winning the title for ‘Best Microsoft Partner to Work For’ at the Digital Revolution Awards is a testament to our culture at Hitachi Solutions, with ‘one big family’ being a much-used phrase.

We have created an environment where knowledge is freely exchanged and cross-functional working is the norm. Everyone is approachable, no matter what their job title.

Hitachi Solutions has long recognised the importance of the work/life balance. Even before companies had to rethink how they work, we had hybrid policies promoting flexibility. Wherever you choose to do your best work, you will still have every opportunity for career advancement, personal growth, and professional development.

You’ll be encouraged to be the best you can be. Along with everyday support from your colleagues, our structured career development programme will help you do just that. You’ll also be assigned a mentor who’ll support and inspire you as you progress.

How important is community?

Hitachi Solutions’ long-established partnership has created a customer and organisational ‘community’ that is at the forefront of innovation.

Community and partnerships are essential to Hitachi Solutions’ way of working. Hitachi Solutions prides itself on having a community culture, listening to its people, and valuing everyone’s contribution. Whether it’s supporting a local charity or being involved in global initiatives, our people and our community are what set us apart.

We believe that partnering with organisations like MYP in the northwest will not only support our growth in the region but also allow us to contribute to the ever-growing and expanding network of professionals in Manchester.

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