Creative-Link – Candle Making Workshop @ Colony – 18.06.24
18th June 2024 - 6:00 pm
Colony Piccadilly
Last Entry: 6:15

Cocktail or candle? 🤔
A really exciting new event style for MYP, we’re super excited to invite you to a Korean Candle Making Workshop at Colony, Piccadilly.

Each person will be making their very own illusion cocktail candle from scratch!

We’ll be guided by the lovely Andrew from Gwong Candle Studio, who specialises in Korean candle making and whose workshops are located in the Maker’s Quarter at Kampus; but you’ll be doing everything yourself – from choosing your colours and scent, making your jelly wax ice cubes and creating the gradient effect!

Each person will also be treated to an OG cinnamon bun from Cinnabon (!!), as well as unlimited teas, coffees & soft drinks!

The workshop will be £45 pp, which is a 10% discount from the standard workshop rate!

Thanks to Embryo for sponsoring all Creative-Link activities!


Colony Piccadilly 5 Piccadilly Pl
Aytoun St
Manchester M1 3BR
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