SOLD OUT: MYP Health & Wellbeing – The Padel Club UK – 05.04.23
5th April 2023 - 7:30 pm
The Padel Club

We are excited to continue our partnership with The Padel Club UK.

Padel is the UK’s fastest emerging sport. Addictive, social – you have experience to enjoy it.

The Padel Club want to give players the best experience. So, their 4 high-spec courts now built in Cheshire offer the best experience around.

Padel brings players together, it starts conversations, it makes you laugh. Make friends (or on court competitors) and discover one of the most exciting emerging sports in the UK.

We are exited to bring this partnership to the MYP community which lines up to our values of Social and Health & Well-being. We also LOVE new things at MYP!

Event details:

You’ll be treated to a intro into the game from the Head Coach and then have playing time. Players can ‘mix – in’ on/off and across the 4 courts.

Players are to wear suitable sports kit and footwear. Racquets will be provided.

Padel requires two teams of two players (doubles). The game begins by an underarm serve, diagonally into the opposite corner on the oppositions side. When the player takes a serve, the ball must bounce once on the floor then hit from below, or at, waist height.The aim is to score more points than the opposing team. We can’t wait to see you there!


The Padel Club A34 Wilmslow - Handforth Bypass
Wilmslow SK9 3PE
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