SOLD OUT: MYP Social – Breakfast Club Talk x Embryo @ Tahi – 30.03.23
30th March 2023 - 8:00 am
Tahi Eatery

MYP invite you to join us for our next Breakfast Club at Tahi, in partnership with our digital partner, Embryo – for a special morning of delightful breakfast sandwiches and drinks to set you up for your day with a special guest speaker session, on the topic – ‘How to maximise your Digital presence’.

Tahi’s doors will open early for MYP at 8:00am with breakfast being served at 8:30am. Don’t worry the famous New Zealand coffee will be steaming hot as soon as you step inside their doors! The speaker session will start at 8:45am.

For this Breakfast Club, we’re delighted to be joined by a fantastic chair and panel! Our Chair is Sophie Brown; someone familiar to the MYP community over the last 2 years, who has worked for 8 years in the tech industry across commercial and strategic roles. “My digital presence is integral to my personal brand and being able to monetise that platform has taught me a lot. Whilst I still love the tech space I more recently diversified my career, starting my own consultancy business doing freelance work both in the tech and social media space.”

Sophie will be putting the questions to the fantastic panel, starting with Founder of Embryo our Digital Partner, Ross Green. Ross has built one of the fastest growing Digital businesses in the North West, and we are delighted to have him join us to share his views on the space as it continually evolves.

Next on the panel we have Amy Hughes. Amy has built an incredible online community, and is one of the most recognised faces in the health & well-being space in the city. She has grow her city centre based pilates studio – Scult In Haus to full capacity and is one of the OG Barry’s Mcr Trainers, Amy has created a super strong bond with her community! 

Third on the panel we have Luke Barrow. Luke is the founder of Two Pints Deep, a men’s mental health community and anonymous messaging platform created in February 2022, which aims to reduce the male suicide statistics by destroying stigmas, encouraging vulnerability and initiating conversation. Last but not least we welcome to the panel Remi Akande, a fashion enthusiast hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to male blogging.

Remi established The Style Lawyer as a way to express his love of fashion and style, with of hint of fitness, food, travel and lifestyle for added measure. Whilst studying at law school, he created a fashion events & PR company, MCR Fashion Industry, with the aid of two close friends.

We are delighted to have such a broad and insightful panel who will be sharing their views on how to maximise yourself in the digital space for today and will also be taking your questions. Let us know if you have any specific questions for the panel when purchasing your tickets.

Tickets will be £15, including a breakfast sandwich, with a vegetarian or vegan option. This will be accompanied with a coffee or tea, with £1 from each sale going directly to our local charity The Prince’s Trust. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements when you are buying your ticket.

Thanks to our Digital Partner, Embryo for supporting the event once again.


Tahi Eatery No. 1
Circle Square
Oxford Rd
Manchester M1 7FS
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