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Our shoutout to young pros, teams and businesses in the city who have made headlines, done something great or just deserve a massive shout out! Because it’s the people that make this city so great!

Whilst working at Unilad in HR, Jes began working on her apartment, giving it a very special and creative personal touch, and its own insta page.

It wasn’t long before Jes became a Mancunian interiors icon known for her ability to restyle pretty much anything with a statement print vinyl.

celebrating mcr jes toole josrose

And with that, Jes left the corporate world to set up her own vinyl company creating the most stunning vinyls, so we can all have some of her unique style in our own home!

So, how’s she getting on…celebrating mcr jes toole the times

Well, in the 3 months since officially setting up on her own, she’s been inundated with requests for vinyls, has been featured in The Times, and has some very exciting projects on the horizon.

jes toole

The name might not instantly ring a bell, but if we said ‘Loft NQ’ it’ll most likely conjure up images of amazing prints, peacock chairs and the most enviable apartment in the NQ.