#EatOutToHelpOut (EOTHO) may have ended but that doesn’t mean the hospitality industry in Manchester isn’t in need of continued support from the great and the good of this fine city. Here at Manchester Young Professionals, we’re passionate about supporting the entire hospitality industry even when there aren’t any discounts available! So, in today’s blog, we thought we’d highlight a few of our favourite restaurants, bars and entertainment venues that are dotted around Manchester who we know would love some support!

Globally-influenced hospitality trends are not just turning up in London, they’re coming to our city too!

It’s never been so important to get out (within government guidelines!), to support the industry. Whether that be traditional flavours from across the globe or the freshest entertainment concept to hit the city, we have it all on our doorstep.

With this in mind we spoke to a cross-section of those who have been hit from the pandemic, and the impact it’s had on them.

Jennifer Hughes, Restaurant Creator of Peru Perdu, based at The Cotton Factory which serves Peruvian and South American-influenced cuisine told us, “The governments Eat Out to Help Out scheme helped an enormous amount for the hospitality industry over the month of August. It not only increased our awareness and sales but gave people the confidence to submerge themselves into the dining scene after a long lockdown.

“We decided to extend this off our own back through the month of September which has seen many a returning customer to our small independent restaurant.

“I hope the support for the industry continues throughout Manchester even after the recent announcements”

You can still take advantage of Peru Perdu extending the EOTHO scheme where they are offering 50% off food, up to a maximum of £10 per person, throughout September.

Like the official EOTHO scheme, it’ll be available from Monday to Wednesday on dine-in meals only.

In these unprecedented times, bringing people together, (safely!) is more important than ever before, supporting the mental health of everyone in the city.

The hospitality sector has been significantly hit across the board it’s clear for everyone to see.

It’s venues that involve a greater level of physical contact such as Roxy Ball Room or Flight Club, who have had to further adapt their business, to be suitably fit for a COVID environment.

Roxy Ball Room was ready to launch their second Manchester site after the successful launch of their first site. We asked Founders Matt and Ben Jones some questions about the last few months…

You’ve adapted your offering to make it safe to enjoy your concept in the new world, how have you done that and how is that going?

We operated the rule of 6 before the rule of 6 was even a thing, We stopped all bar service and went table service only from August 1st and have been using QR codes on each table for ordering food and drink plus lots more! The ordering app has been greatly received by customers who never have to queue at a Roxy venue again so that will be staying well after COVID has gone.

Are you seeing people return to the city centre?

Before the latest guidelines certainly. People were fundamentally and understandably looking for the venues that they would feel the safest in. Roxy is perfectly placed for social distancing with all gaming tables naturally apart with areas that were previously for 15 plus people.

What do you see for the future of the hospitality sector in Manchester?

The nightlife scene is a massive part of Manchester and the ethos of the city. Being social and being a Manc are one and the same. The sector will survive and it will come back stronger because of the great people in this city

Watch out for the new Roxy launch which is set to open next month.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories landing in Manchester in this strange year is Escape to Freight Island.

Based at a long-forgotten freight depot from the city’s industrial past, Depot Mayfield, this innovative concept has struck a chord with Manchester’s social scene. Mayfield brings people together, safely and responsibly, to sample a visionary food market, a unique selection of bars, inventive culture spaces and intimate seating. A must visit if you’ve not yet been!

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We hope these 3 fantastic concepts encourage you to get out in Manchester and visit one of them this weekend! For more information about our events why not visit our dedicated page? Or get in touch to learn more about our amazing, inclusive and diverse network of young professionals. For years now we have been helping bring people in their 20’s and 30’s together to network, discuss their industry and talk about living in Manchester.