Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

I’m responsible for the recruitment and marketing of the Manchester MBA programmes at
Alliance Manchester Business School. I’ve worked in business education for almost 15 years now. My role has taken me across the world and I have done business in North America, Europe, Africa, the CIS region, the Middle East, South and East Asia.

How did you get involved with Manchester Young Professionals?

One of our part-time Manchester Global MBA students who has been heavily involved with
MYP since its inception initially approached me about partnering together on some
initiatives. We discussed a number of different ideas, much of which focussed on embarking on some educational events for the MYP community to diversify their event offering and allowing us to let the community know they have a genuinely world-class business school on their doorstep right here in Manchester.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life in Manchester and I’m fortunate to be in an industry
that could take me to other parts of the UK if I chose to do so, however, I always say to
international candidates that there is not another city in the UK where I would like to live.
I cannot put this down for one sole reason as I love so many things about Manchester. One of the things I’m really liking at the moment is how the skyline of the city is changing, and I hope to see it continue for many years to come. There is a beautiful balance in Manchester with the ‘old’ and ‘new’, and Manchester will not veer away from this, the historic buildings dotted over the city will be there for many many years to come.

What’s been your favourite Manchester Young Professionals event?

My favourite event was the last Alliance Manchester Business School/MYP event where we had around 80 attendees who came to listen to one of our professors give a Masterclass on Negotiations. We wanted attendees to be able to learn something new that evening and there was a lot of engagement in the room, followed by pizzas from Crazy Pedros and a couple of beers. A shout out to Crazy Pedros as well as they have nailed the NYC style slice which is still my overall style of pizza even though Rudy’s do amazing Neapolitan pizzas. We are going to follow on with the general negotiations masterclass with an event that focuses purely on salary negotiations.

What’s up next for you and Manchester Young Professionals?

We have an upcoming event where members of the MYP community can come to find out about the £22,000 scholarship that we are making available for the MYP community. This will also be our first event where there will be a specific focus on the MBA qualification in general.

I do a lot of business in the U.S. where the MBA is ubiquitous amongst young professionals. This is not the case in the UK where knowledge of the benefits of an MBA and what it can do for someone’s career is still limited. The event will not be a Manchester MBA sales pitch, we are trying to educate professionals in our home city as to why they should know about MBAs and potentially consider studying one.