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Celebrating MCR is our campaign to shoutout the young Mancunians who really deserve it, whether it’s business success, headlining charity work or anything else worth shouting about.



Award-winning Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2019, Steve, is co-founder and CRO of Social Chain, with a collective reach of over 200 million millennials across their platforms.

Steve started university in our beloved Manchester, but decided it wasn’t for him, so he dropped out to start his own business. After coming across his like-minded future business partner on Twitter, Dominic McGregor, Bartlett and MacGregor founded Social Chain. Since then, the company has done on to reach stratospheric heights, with 7 offices globally and over 700 team members.

We have always been big fans of Bartlett’s podcast that launched back in September 2017 – ‘The Diary of a CEO’ is a must listen!

One of our favourite quotes being, ‘don’t drop the pie, reaching for the apple!’ Go check out the podcast!

NEWS THIS WEEK: Manchester-based Social Chain completed a merger with Lumaland in Germany to create a unifies advertising entity valued at €186m in a move which is already being heralded as a possible game-changer!

We are loving seeing Social Chain go from strength to strength!