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Celebrating MCR is or campaign at MYP to make sure that the young Mancunians really making a difference to their business and community are getting the recognition they deserve!

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Our Celebrating MCR this week goes to Michael, an Associate for JMW. This week he won the Barry’s Bootcamp UK Lucky 7 Challenge!

Michael says the whole experience was life-changing, not just physically but mentally. “It’s really helped with my self-esteem and enables me to challenge my old ways of thinking. I’ve come away feeling great about myself and excited to continue my self-development journey.”


“The MCR studio has a warm, friendly, family vibe to it and it’s a great community. People are genuinely nice and want to help each other succeed!”

Michael was selected as one of 7 successful applicants across the UK, and the only one from Manchester.

The programme included 5 Barry’s sessions per week for 8 weeks, two dedicated mentors at barry’s, who for Michael were Mark and Amelia, support and advice from a nutritionist and access to weekly therapy sessions. The intention was to focus on a mind, body and soul transformation.